Monday, September 8, 2008

Give Thanks and Get Healthy

Being thankful can be good for our health. Research has shown that people who write lists of things they're grateful for spend more time exercising and sleep better than those whose dont. Gratitude is like putting on a new pair of glasses and we will see things in different way. Like exercises that we make everyday, gratitude has to become a habot of work. And like exercise, its get easier.
Lets try this: keep a journal, pray or meditate (which I always do...hehhehe). Write what you're grateful for on index cards and toss them in a blessings jar to read over when you're blue...or put the jar on the dinner table to spread your gratitude and good health. Keep saying thanks everyday will also make us feel relief and smile..
Lets start it in a morning..the moment you wake up...say 'thank you for this new days..and to thank you to keep me awake to let me experience the story for today' think you can do that? it's was so simple to start a day with a little gratitude..remember you can rock a world by saying thank you...
No harm to try friends..which I did and it works..hehehhe


  1. give the holy one.. :)

  2. Iyah..and I remember the song sings by Don Moen..

  3. hemm.. Give thanks to everything... that song..?(Give Thanks)..I firstly heard that song when im was 13..somebody sang it on our CF(christian fellowship) in SM Likas huhuu....