Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How are You....

Suddenly, I like buying clothes, shoes, bag and accessories. In the past, I never cared for what I wore; a tee and a pair of old jeans would be ok for me. But it’s nice to care about our looks and it’s really creative to use different colors and materials to create a unique look that expresses our personality and our inner world. It’s an art!! (I get used with this phrase.. somebody taught me… :)) and I like playing with colors and altering my clothes to create a funky and grow up look…lol. Emm.. I guess it’s just a feeling to take better care of myself, make some changes in my appearance, easy going, less anxious and be more positive.

Now I understand why some woman adored this Cleo, Vogue, Woman and etc magazine as their ‘bible’ hehehehe…. (coz I’m starting buying it too..). I guess, I really took the ‘advise’ of this mag’s. It’s proven by a bundle of clothes and ‘coloring thingy’ at my wardrobe now… I just don’t know when I’m going to wear that.. hehehhe. I feel good after doing it. Well… I need to planned carefully the worthiness of the spending.. don’t want to run out $$$$... debt free.

I’m slowly getting back to my daily rituals and routines after months of resentment. It’s great to be back in my comfort zone after such a long time away from ‘myself’. I realized that time away has helped me to take life differently, shifted my focus and give me several ‘aha and wow’ moments to ponder. Well I guess, I’m in a making of recreating the new me… lol.

My life kind a too routine which makes me feels lazy and ‘dizzy’ at the same time. So I borrowed a bunch of novels from library, lock myself in a room with Pringles, hot coffee, a warm comforter and start a reading session along with Vonda Shepard playlist over and over again. I used this method to indulge myself especially on weekend night. I love doing this few years ago and I stopped when busy life chasing me. Not to say I’m not busy now, but the words of busy make dizzier so I changed it to routine… hehehehe.

Happy July to all of you… here Pringles from me… lol...