Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The Anecdotes of Life

The Darkness

A boy and his father are walking through a large forest. To cross to the other side, they have to pass through a long dark tunnel. They boy hesitates at the entrance. "Father, how can I walk in there when it is so dark? I will not see where I am going. We have neither candles nor torches to light our way" say the boy. The father calmly tells his son "Once inside, close your eyes for several minutes to give them a chance to get accustomed to the dark. When you open again, I assure you that you will be able to see the way through the tunnel". The boy does whay his father told him. After closing his eyes for sometime, he is able to see inside the tunnel. Though it is very dark, he and his father are able to cross safely to the other side. "Son, if you do not have anything with which to light the darkness, use darkness to see in the dark" the father tells him. Friends, faith is the darkness. Sometimes we thought we're not able to go through the trials of our life. But if God bring us to that, He will make sure we will go through it..just keep faith.
The Forgiveness
One day, 2 warriors names Taitoki and Saisoki fought a duel. Both skilled swordsmen, each one inflicted a deep wound on the other. They decided to parts a way and let their conflict remain unresolved. Many-many years after the duel, their wounds remained fresh. Baffled and concerned, Taitoki and Saisoki went to Maoki the Wise to ask about their highly unusual wounds. They told Maoki they have tried the best medicines and balms all throughout these years but the wounds are fresh and unhealed. The Maoki told them the reason why the wounds is still unhealed, it is because neither both of them has forgive each other.
Yes..if we keep wonder why the hurts, fear and painful still with us after so many years then this is the answer. We are not ready to forgive others and the hurts are not ready to go. Forgiving is really difficult to do. For these we need strength to do..then why not just forget and forgive each other. And ask God to fill our hearts with His Unconditional love.


  1. memang susa na maaf kan but have faith for our God is love amen good nite

  2. happy birthday girl gbu dont be to busy have some fun

  3. Augie..memang betul tu. Not easy to forgive others but we have to. If we forgive others, we forgive ourself too..hehehe