Sunday, September 28, 2008

Smart, Sexy and Slimmer

To some people, the need for sleep is viewed as a sign of weakness. It's the new macho-and women especially, are buying into it. But while we're asleep, every system in our body is being fined-tuned, reset, cleaned up and restored to its optimal operating mode by an army of molecular troubleshooters. New things we have learned are being processed, memories are being organised and stored and rhe immuned system is building a new contigent of natural killer cells to fight off battalions of infectious agents. Growth hormone is being produced to repair damaged tissue or build new tissue and to block the corrosive effects of stress.

When we sleep well, we're in peak operating condition. When we dont, we feel groggy and none of our systems are firing on all cylinders. Remind me one thing, why sometimes I feel grumphy and not in a mood in a below is a useful tools for us to manage or good sleep in order to get a healthy mind and physical which contributing to smart, sexy and slim. Yes..its good and I want to be smart and sexy..hahahhaha..oooppss...!!!

Daily Schedule
Wake up at the same time every day. A good night's sleep actually starts in the morning. Wake up at a different time every day and the clock is out of sync may make us feel groggy and hungover for hours. No wonder when I wake up at 10am or sometimes 11am on weekend my mood is different. Feel lazy to do anything and I end up eating a lot, watch tv till evening times and my brain not functioning well..hahhahaha
Give ourself an hour right before bed. We need it to wind down and make a transition from the person who can do everything to the person who can sleep. Like me, I spend 1/2 hour only, writing my diary to know what is my emotion today and reflecting what I've done for a day..hehehhehe
Put ourself first especially for a women. Women aren't used to putiing their needs ahead of others, but sleep is necessary to health and happiness.
Work and Life
Dump the 24/7 stuff. Even if we manage to drop into bed for the 6 hours our minds are full of what-if's, why-did-we's and what's-on-the agenda-tomorrow's and I used to be like that in previous-previous year. Hehhehe..too many things to thinks.
Dont work so late. We always thought that we have to stay late to get the job done. But working right up until bedtime is bound to affect our sleep. So go home at at reasonable hour. The truth is that it's better to go get some sleep then come back and do more works in the morning. Friends, it's working..I've applied this systems this year. Believe it or not..I managed to finished my tasks within the deadlines.
Food and Drinks
Stick to water, juice, decaffeinated diet soda anything but coffee, hot chocolate or tea within 6 to 10 hours of bed.
Put cookies and milk on our nightstand. The enzim in milk will help us feel sleepy and need some carbs to get it where we want it to go our brains. Cookies are carb of choice. I eat cheese and peanuts biscuits and multidigestive cookies..and I addicted with that cookies..hehehe..somebody help me.
The Bedroom
Buy a new mattress. The mattress to choose is the one that you can try in your home for 30 days. But for some people like me, I rather buy the one which can last a year..hehehe..a bit expensive but worth it. The mattress must be allows us to sink into a deep, natural sleep and wake up in the morning without aches and pains is the one we want.
Cool it and turn down the airconditioner to a few degrees before climb into bed or take a warm shower to relax. Our body temperature goes down after a hot bath in the evening.
Lastly, when wake up in the morning take a 10-15minutes every morning to sit down, close our eyes and give thanks for the blessings in our life. The sense of gratitude we'll experience will set a serene tone for the day and reduce the stress hormones that can trigger the insomnia at night. And at least we can start our day in good mood and leave the argument of life yesterday to history...
So try it.. :-)


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