Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Book Fairs

The world’s largest floating book fair of MV Doulos visited Sabah in year 2009 (I think..). MV Doulos have been around the globes for 16 times in 32 years. There is hundred selection of books on science, religious, cookery, hobbies, sports, dictionary, children stories, CD’s and much more. I love the floating book fair and heard that it will be a last visit to Sabah due to the condition of the cruise. Sigh… and I do hope MV Doulos come again. But last weekend during the mass, the MC has announced that there is new cruise coming to town on 18 November to 11 December!!.. yeah and now the cruise is MV Logos Hope (wow.. looks like my hope comes to reality..).

MV Logos Hope was designed to replace MV Doulos which was sold to BizNaz Resources International. They looking for volunteer to be a crewmembers and this is good news to the youngster out there. Learn and get experience in discipleship, cultural exchange and working in an international environment. So boys and girls take this opportunity to learn and gain new experiences in your school break. As for us this is time for togetherness... family with children and loved one...let us cruise with the books..lol (what??..oh..yes..I'm book worm..lol). And that is a fact..

As for me, this is my weekend list. Sigh.. I’m talking about weekend already..lol..

Friday, November 11, 2011

Weekend with 'baby'...

Happy weekend friend...

I'm sure all of you will have an interesting weekend. As for me? hehehee..I got my new 'baby'.. never had it before actually..lol.. yeah!! I planned to 'spend' my time to get 'to know her'. I'll blog about it later... hehehe..

Oh..baby..baby..baby..oh..baby..baby.. be my baby..
I know you like me.. but do I like you?
you are not my first love..but can you be one.. baby..baby..baby.. lol..

See my face?? hehhee...