Monday, January 23, 2012

A Time to begin..

Another year passed. A new chapter of life has begun. And here I am.. walked in the same road, same journey in different times. Thousand of reasons to be cry, laugh and share in 2011. I thankful for all that. The struggles, bitterness, sadness, happiness and the uncertainty has brought me to 2012. Despite to all the traumatize years, I become strong in every way of God. I know suffering will pass if the door of acceptance open and to allows the positive energy to step in. Let the new breeze in to comfort the rage storm.

Present suffering may pass, Lord your mercy will last
And my heart will find praise, I will delight in your way
If my heart has grown cold, there your love will unfold
When I'm blind to my way, there your spirit will pray
As you open my eyes to the work of Your hands

I will walk this journey with hope, faith and love. Prayers and Angels will be with me by the prayer of you.

Somebody praying, I can feel it
Mighty hand are guarding me
To protect me from what I cant see
Lord I believe, somebody praying for me..
Angels are watching over me, I can feel it
There's many miles ahead until I got home..safely arrive into Your throne

Lord, be my refuge at this hour. I have been accused, insulted, blames and judged wrong. Please will you come by me, I want to rest in your arms. I know there is peace and comfort only through you. Broken heart, shattered dreams and tearing eyes will be renewed.