Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Ini kah Kita?

Dear frens,

I got this story from other sites which is touch me deeply..how abou you?

Danny and Mercy, a couple, were residing in the first street of Narrow Town. As the name says, so were the streets in the town - too narrow to move about. This made the residents' lives difficult. One could hear shouts and yells from this end to that when people had to take their vehicles or to park. Everyday dawned with tension. One day, Danny and Mercy felt fed up and found impossible to continue in that street. Danny said, "Mercy, its enough! Let us seriously look out for a better shelter." Mercy nodded her head agreeing to him. After hunting for several days, Danny stepped into the house with a smile, "Mercy! Our troubled days have come to end. I have found a beautiful house with a beautiful garden. It's lovely. We are immediately to vacate this house." Mercy's joy was greater and she was excited to see the house.Within a short time, they got engaged in packing things. Danny discarded many things, which to him seemed junk. Mercy hastily went beside Danny and said, "Oh! Danny! Why do you want to throw away all these? We can put all these into a box and have it in our storeroom. It would someday come to use."Danny got a little bit annoyed and looking at Mercy, he said, "Earlier you said the same thing and we had to keep these things in our garage. But it only occupied the room making our life hard. It never came to use. This is the right time. Let us wash out everything once and for all."Now they were in the new house. Everything was arranged perfectly and was beautifully decorated.

Once our heart too was also filled with all kinds of junk like hatred, jealousy, pride etc. which every time posed a problem to us. It made us to loose our peace. But when you give place for Christ in your heart, you have become a new creation, old things have passed away and all things have become new. Like Mercy, we too do not want to give up our anger, our pride, our arrogance, our trickiness, which, we think, may come to our use some day or the other. But they only make our lives miserable. Then it becomes difficult for Christ to live in you.

Patut la kita ni selalu kalah pada diri sendiri keran akita kerap mengulangi kesalahan yang sama dan menjadi satu kelemahn bagi kita...betul kan?

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