Wednesday, September 10, 2008

2 1/2 Years Ago..

Here is Manukan Island...I've been there for 2 1/2 years ago..very active bah that time..hehhee.. with my colleagues. We spend time together. We go there by speed boat...they charged RM7 per trip (RM14 for in-out) and boatman will picked you up in a few hours provided you've made an arrangement with them. You can easily look for them at the back of Wisma Merdeka. But now, if you want to go to any island (under Taman-Taman Sabah), you can go direct to the port near to the Kastam in front of the Port View Seafood Restaurants. They have a schedules per day with the rate of charges. Now I believed the fare is doubled since the diesel and petrol hikes. But it is more safety if you let the port arrange for your trips rather than you go and 'smuggle' from unauthorized boatman in order to get the cheaper rates. Nanti kena kidnap and becomes a hostages for a ransom!!! hehehehhee....

what a nice view..this photo taken from the other side of the island. Ada banyak batu2 besar..sesuai bagi orang yang mahu memadu kasih..wakakakkaka. Anyway, this one called a jetty. See the speed boat there...before you reach the main entrance of the island you have to walk along the wooden bridge (emmmm..should we called it bridge?..) then pay the entrance fee...I cannot recalled how much is the fees. All I remember is depending whether you are local or foreign tourist.

View from the club house. This island provide an equipment for scuba diving, sky diving, snorkeling...not FOC arr...they charged the equipment in hourly basis and too expensive but they do have a trainer..for those yang banyak duit..boleh cuba..hahhahaha

The view inside of the restaurants..looks like an open lounge with good sound systems..but what a shamed because most of the waiter and waitress cannot speak well in English..macamana mau promote ni island..haiya!!! bikin malu orang Sabah saja..hehhee
But they do speak well in Tagalog..!!! wakakakkakaa..maybe they are from Pulau Gaya??!!!..joking. 

Manukan Island..that is the name. I dont know why they called 'Manukan'. This photo taken from the back side of the beach in the island. Look so calm..angin sepoi-sepoi bahasa, ombak menghempas pantai, laut berirama..hehehehe...I'm not expert in poems..hahahaha.Itu saja yang saya tahu..  

So..this is story for 2 1/2 years ago...I will post a new Pulau Manukan in the next next next post..heheeee...cerita lama baru pergi yang baru bah kan..hahahha...

But too bad...I lost most of the beautiful photos of the corals and fishes. I will look for it and post again..will update you later..


  1. oww.. wishing i can reach that place soon.. hehe..

  2. Ok tu..Leads..come la we go together-gether hehehehe...

  3. wahah manukan isle ahh.... well there is not so many changes on that island I guess..ya lah mana ble ubah2..rusak karang..bestt hh sana.. sia pernah snorkeling sampai 'tabakar' belakang huhuhuu.... bah lets go together-gether..:P

  4. Tempat begini memang indah.. banyak perkara yang dapat di lakukan bagi diri kita.. bukan sahaja menenangkan tetapi membawa kedamaian dalam hati kita...