Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Your soulmate not feel the same way about you

Have you ever caught yourself doing something with a man/woman that you KNEW was negative, destructive, or even counterproductive to your relationship… but you literally couldn’t help yourself? In a rush of feelings and emotions, you were completely carried away and did something that made him pull away from you temporarily… if not permanently. If so, then there’s something I want you to think about…Tell me… what would you do if you suddenly realized, in one of those intense moments of clarity we get sometimes, that the very thing keeping you from experiencing true and lasting love in your life was your own thoughts, feelings, and behavior? What would you do? Would you know how to quickly move beyond the negative and painful experiences of your past that were partly to blame… so that they didn’t keep coming back to haunt you in the present and future? And would you know how to start living your life in a way that actually PREVENTED these same painful situations from happening to you again, while at the same time becoming EASIER for you to OPEN UP, build TRUST, and share the right relationship with the right man/woman?

It’s that the harder you try to pull love to you, or try and “fix” things in your relationship… the more true love and happiness keeps moving just out of your reach. Maybe you’ve been in a situation like this where you gave up your time with your friends, or with your hobby, and you put all your focus and energy into a man who you thought was special… only to end up getting little or nothing in return when it was all said and done. Or maybe you’ve experienced the frustration of spending your precious time trying to help a man/woman with his/her problems or issues, while putting your own interests aside… only to later discover that it was a complete waste of time and emotional energy…

Well, that’s what I want you to think about it and shared your idea.... :-)


  1. ya..my soulmate not feel the same way about me? its a long time ago story.. hehe.. very hard n tough to handle it. huhu..

  2. Hard to say so..hehehehe (this word is very familiar to me..and I dont really like it)