Monday, June 23, 2014

They asked 'How it Feels to be Married'

I got married just over 2 weeks ago and things pretty much feel the same so far. I've been wondering if it's going to feel different, and when, but I'm guessing it's one of those things where you don't see the transformation until after it's happened. For the first time, I did just check the box for "married" on an assessment form and it was fun

I began to see that yes, things were different now, and I felt a little different, but life as part of a married couple was not so radically different that I needed to lay in bed freaking out about it. He is still he, and I was still me. And yes, there was the new element of us being legally bound to one another, and yes it was really weird to think about it. But as the day continued I believed we will settle back into our normal lives. There was a time we playfully called each other husband and wife, testing out the words errr.. a bit weird but fun. 

Sometimes I wonder how capable I am in adjusting myself to be someone wife’s especially if he is not staying with me. He worked in peninsula while I’m still here. Although we have discussed about it but the feeling of wanting to have a normal marriage life (husband and wife in a same house) are very strong. Now I’m staying with in laws and they are very supportive. I’m letting God to work His mighty hand on us. Really hope my husband could be transferred here.. 






Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Who start the trigger?

Woke up at 5.15 am this morning by Avenged Sevenfold alarm clock. Still very tired but duty as daughter and employees have to be prioritized. Feel so empty inside me. Might because of drained energies and down feeling...sigh. I have to overcome this before it eaten me.

Completing my tasks before lunch and continued with never ending works. No appetite to eat. The feeling of 'yesterday' come back haunting me. Thought I overcome it...but it didn't. This situation is killing me. I am back to the same situation like before. Hope it's only the hormones but gut say differently. The attitudes, the voice tone.. it's a trigger to yesterday..

#It's need faith to renovate the heart, the hope to face future and love to move on..

Friday, December 7, 2012

Hello December..

Happy Advent friends...within few weeks we will celebrating Christmas. I love Christmas but until now, I still cannot feel the spirit of Christmas such shopping, present and decorating  Christmas tree. Might due to my exhausted life..sigh. But, what important is to know the real meaning of Christmas and enjoying the Advent season. 

I might do the shopping on the third week of December..and I will prepare to faced the crowds with positive Thinking to decorate the Christmas tree this weekend as the Carolers from nearby church will do the caroling session at my residential area. I received a flyers yesterday about the caroling session. Since I forgot to invite the carolers from my parish of Stella Maris (due to my busyness) why not I invite them (St Thomas Church) right? Thinking to prepare Christmas candies or slices of cakes with drinks this weekend for the carolers. A simple one though..

Latest news from Air Asia make me disappointed!! I have to cancelled my planned to Philipines this coming February!!. I have make a planned with a group of friend to discovered cultures, scenery and foods in Philipines months ago...sigh..maybe this is not what God want us to do. Further that month is a Lent Season hehehee. Air Asia announced that starting 1st February next year, route to Clark from Kota Kinabalu will be cancelled due to commercial reasons. The affected guests could move their flight to the earlier month or get refund. I guess, we opt for the refund since January is the busy month for most of us. Everything happened for the reasons...

Happy Advent friends..let's us prepare for 'the coming' of our Saviour...

Friday, November 9, 2012

Weekend of Spiritual Month

Welcoming myself into November... :)

Spiritual retreats have been my essential part of my spiritual life.   I have this desired which; I need time away from other people and hectic daily routine and as circumstances would have it extended weekends provided me with experiences of solitude and spiritual refreshment. Some people need retreat to seek for spiritual renewal while others to heal physically and mentally. But, many desire a retreat specific to their religious faith. Some simply looking to escape for a few days into a life unfettered with the daily demands of work, home and family.. and that is one part of me. Through the retreats I have found these times to be of tremendous boon to my spiritual life and essential to my relationship with God at times. 

Next few days, I’ll be joining our CCR church ministry (my parish) to BTRC for CCR family retreat. The reason I need this year end retreat was my feeling of spiritual dryness, an inability to spark fire in my heart and lack of engagement with those closed with me. Further, I need some insight from God and some direction in order to restore my morale and keep me in the struggle. Lately, I was spiritually and emotionally weary and I needed a word from my Saviour. 

The day after the retreat, again I’ll involve in Life in the Spirit Seminar for 100++ of confirmation student in other parish. I believed this retreat would help me and my team in ministering this seminar. I thanked God for the good health and grace upon us. Thank you for the Public Holiday too… J

~ Happy Deepavali and Awal Muharram ~ 

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend Package

YES…tomorrow is public holiday for all Malaysian in celebrating of Hari Raya Haji. First of all I would like to wish ‘Happy Hari Raya Haji’ (Aidil Adha) to those who celebrate it. Means we have three days in weekend. Good news ahh..??. My weekend has planned and all in one package. 

This weekend I’ll be participate in Life in the Sprit Seminar for Sunday School Confirmation student. The seminar is an introduction to a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. The seminar will started tonight till 27th of October. There will be few series of talks, prayers, worships, scripture teaching, songs, personal testimonies, inner healing, deliverance and outpouring of the Holy Spirit sessions. The talks will cover the faith exploring including the basic message of salvation, a personal relationship with God as well the potential and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

I’ll be giving talk in Deliverance topic on the last day of the seminar right before the Deliverance and Outpouring of the Holy Spirit Session. I’ll do more slides in presentation plus with the lesson and life testimonies on how Holy Spirit acting in our daily lives. Through experiences, I knew teenagers are more to slides presentation rather than talking. 

Hope this seminar will help them to go through their life with more faith especially after their baptism and confirmation. Living life a s teenagers nowadays is not easy. So we are. All of us need the power of God’s Holy Spirit to live out our daily lives in the midst of the struggle and temptations in today’s world. It is impossible for us to walk a Christian life through our own efforts. So there goes my full two days of weekend. For the last day of weekend on Sunday right after the Children Liturgy and Mass, again I’ll be involved in Infant Baptism till evening. Wish me luck.

Sound so packed and exhausted feeling but no regret because I love doing it. As for my body, supplement and extra sleep needed…lol. Next week will be a busy days because it is end of the month which reports and costing of branch submission. Hope I can handle it with patience and BIG SMILE..