Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Work Challenges

Study and keep a job at the same time? Maybe here's can help you how to handle the challenges:
Work isn't always going to be easy. Every job offers its challengers like odd hours, demanding customers or bosses, irritating sounds, annoying collegues and etc. Unfortunately, there are more stressful issues that can make having to go to work feel like a job in itself and we call it 'for the job'. But you are able to minimise stress and you may need up enjoying your job that much more.
Challenge: Finding time for homework. Balancing the time you need for schools with the hours
you're paid to work can be tough.
Handle it: If you're feeling overwhelmed, dont panic. Simply speak with your boss and try to
adjust your hours. Remember job come and go, but an education lasts a lifetime
Challenge: Gossiping, rumor-spreading co-workers (girls remember..!! hahaha)
Handle it: You dont want to contribute to the war of the words, so, to put a stop to the chatter,
tell them their behaviour is inappropriate and you wont participate.
Challenge: Sexual harrasment. It can be a touch, a comment or suggestion.
Handle it: Confront the person immediately, if you dont step up, he/she may do it again or do
it to someone else. If the harrasment persists, report it to your supervisor or the
proper authorities. Remember if someone is paying u unwanted or innappropriate
attention, it should not be tolerated.
Challenge: Dating in the workplace (hehehee..). People who work with you may feel
uncomfortable and resent your relationship in the long run.
Handle it: Keep things as queit as possible (even when you talk through intercom..hehehehe)
and keep all flirty business under wraps until you clock out...(wakakakkaaa)
So frens, do you think you can do that? hehehehe

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