Friday, September 19, 2008

My Weekend (14th-16th Sept 2008)

Hahaha..long time did not post anything and no idea what to post. So, I decided to shared what I've done on my last weekend. One of the ministry in my parish (which im actively join in) had make a planned to conduct a retreat at Bundu Tuhan Retreat Centre for renewal, exercising, experiencing of faith in God's loves. Me and my group (4 of us in one car) start our journey from KK to BTRC at about 2.30pm. Along the way we are keep talking what are we going to expect from this retreat and sharing our own experiences such what make us to join in, how we start it and how we growth....and also banyaklah cakap2 kosong just to occupied the time. Masing-masing excited to go reason to sleep..and nanti kesian the driver (unofficially become a driver...hehehehe)

Scenery along the way look so green and calm...

Do you see the waterfall? falls from a higher hills going down to kampung2 and I am really sure its falled to my village also. The villagers called 'Sungai Kadamaian'.

We are at simpang and almost reach BTRC

We reached BTRC about 4.00pm. Hey look at the rest house (emm..should I called it rest house..hehhehee) nice oorr..!!

Scenery at evening time. Look at the mount Kinabalu..Isn’t Beautiful? How wonderful God creations. Make me realize one thing that we are nothing without Him..
Next one is a view at early more fogs in the morning...

Pemandangan kampung Bundu Tuhan. View from BTRC. I couldnt imagine how the villagers can builds a house at the hills there..must be difficults to carry all the house materials kan??.. 

Our program start at 6.30pm and that give us time to ‘jalan-jalan’ nearby the BTRC. We managed to have a look at Don Bosco Orphanage house. Some of them an orphanges or come from a very poor family and less fortunate kids. They depending on the donation received from societies and kindness heart of individuals. They go to school like other kids.

Our dishes on the first night..hahhaaha…simple2 pun sedap kalau sejuk2. Hehhehee…but very nice if you dine together and ramai-ramai..hehehehehe

Sayur kacang panjang with udang kering, sayur sawi with garlic and ayam masak kicap..delicious especially for those yang memang tengah kelaparan like me..hahahhahaha...I've made a second round oowww... plus with mooncake...

Ikan basung goreng..suddenly I remember Archie's fishing activity at Serusop..hahahaha..but I think this ikan basung lebih besar..hahahaha..and lebih banyak isi.

View of Mount Kinabalu before 8.00am....

View taken from different parts (adjust the zooming lor..hahhaha) !!!

Some flowers from the garden.

Burung-burung terbang tinggi dan melayang-layang..semua puji Tuhan..Bunga-bunga..rumput-rumput pun bernyanyi riang..semua puji Tuhan..(remember the song?..hehehe..always been sang during sunday school..hahahhaha)I've managed to took pictures a few species of flowers at the garden.

Around 40 plus of us join the retreat..we took this picture beside of the church (St. Pius church). Too bad I did not managed to took the church picture hehehhehe…(looks like Im not inside la..)

Hahahaha..pulang singgah beli's look fresh..I’ve bought some..and my mum akan cook for me.. :-)

So..thats is my story on last week will go to somewhere again..spiritual vacation hahahha...


  1. wah so nice... hemmm..sia hari2 limpas ni jalan pun nda puas tgk the scenery view greats is our God's creations...

  2. ya nice.. hehe.. best pla ambk gmbr pelbagai ni kn ness. hehe.. :)

  3. Wah, best nya.. lain kali bwa saya...

  4. wah sioknya... pigi bertaubat lagi tu... mmg best LoL

  5. Saya harap saya dapat pergi ke sana bersama- sama dgn kamu.. ada juga pertobatan saya....

  6. Alv, been there last year for the ALPHA course outing...mmg cantik tu tempat... mcm sa nampak Neil Mah dalam gambar... hehehe!

  7. Memang pun Man-D. Si Neil la kami punya leader tu..CCR mari koin lain kali hehehehe..join kami punya PM :-)

  8. Alv, Charismatic Renewal eh? hehehe...