Saturday, September 6, 2008

What Drives You Crazy?

Life may be getting better for many of us as the economy improves, we're healthier, better educated, being love and to love and more affluent. But there are still plenty of things that drives us crazy. Below are the lists which are very common can be happen to anyone of us.
-Bad drivers
-Queue jumpers
-Spitting in public
-Poor service in shops or restaurants
-People who drop litter
-Poor personal hygiene
-Dog mess in street or park
-People who swear
-Noisy neighbours
-Smoking inpublic places
-Computer crashes
-People talking loudly on mobile phones
-Crowded public tranport
-Internet pop up ads
-Road works
-People who donts say please or thanks
-Automated telephone switchboards
-Plastic wrapping you cant open
So what irritated us most overall? to me the biggest things that can drives me nuts is bad drivers attitude and road works which contribute to traffic jammed!! and its happen at my residing area now...make me more irritated...

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