Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Seven Signs to say you are


-You cried the first time you fired someone, but these days, you recognise it as a necessary part of the job

-Having a drink with a team after work on Fridays is regular practise because its boost morale

-You have no problem delegating works, chairing meetings and organising work shifts and responsibilities

-Your wardrobe is full of practical but chic suits and shoes

-Your arrive earlier and leave later than everyone else in the office and you seldom take all the holidays you're entitled to

-The idea is making major business decisions ie exciting to you, and you want the authority to make the choices that will take the company to the top

-When you pull off a major coup, you praise the team. Bad decisions, however, are your problem


-Your work overtime on a regular basis, but you'll do overtime on holidays or weekends only if there's a real crisis

-You socialise regularly with colleagues so you can network and pick up office gossip

-When the firm hires new staff, you're usually part of the interview team

-You want a little kingdom of your own, but not the major responsibilities big bosses have

-Thanks to your networking skills, you're always on of the forst to know about changes in the company

-When you delegate work, you find yourself constatnly double-checking whether it is being done right

-Although you make some important decisions, you prefer to discuss them with colleagues beforehand

9-to-5 GIRL

-Your working day never varies, but it doesnt bother you. You expect work to be dull

-Socialising with collegues is your idea of hell, but you might turn up for the annual office party

-If there's sudden meeting with an important client, you'll have to go home and change

-You cant imagine having to fire someone, and you dont ever want to know what that's like

-You never do overtimne if you can help it. When the clock strikes five, you've already halfway out of the door.

-When your best firend turns up at the office in tears, you immediately stop work and take a long lunch break

-Making important decisions isn't a part of your job and you're glad about it!!

So girls which one are you? Tengok2 macam sya ni 70% of Senior Exe and 30% of Queen Bee....wakakakkakak

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