Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I've Been Stalked!!...

One sunny day after the Mass service, I’m heading with a little step to my car, I heard a small honk from a car. I tried to look around which car is honking but couldn’t see any. Maybe it’s from opposite of the street...whatever. Almost few step to reach my car, I heard this small honk again. Feel irritated, I just ignored it. When I'm trying to reach my car keys from my super duper big size handbag.. the sound of the honk came again.. Then I noticed one black car flashing a small light to me (at first not sure, whether it was for me.. hehehe..). I couldn’t see the person due to his high dark tinted glasses. Well, it’s maybe one of the church parishioners. Then I just waved my hand, simply opened my car and started the engine.

At road side, I saw the same car drive slowly behind me… what’s the..? Anger start to spark.. (What an attitude after church huh!!.. hehehe). I drive slowly, trying to give the ‘black car’ to overtake me. Well.. 'the car' didn’t took the chance, so I drive fast…. Trying to leave this car behind. Feel hungry… don’t know where to go… drive along the beach at Jalan Pantai and landed after at KP. Looking for parking space.. and headed to one of the restaurant.. not so many people.. good!! Otherwise, I will feel awkward. After making order, my eyes wandering around… and there in front of me.. the ‘black car’ parked!!.. wow!! I feel goose bump all around me. Am I being stalked?... I did not see any person inside..

After took few sip of my ‘Kopi O’ someone approached me… looks familiar.. he was my old school friend 10++years ago.. the owner of the ‘black car’!!!... I asked him why he 'stalking' me…. He can't stop laughing looking at my pale face. So… jahat.. The breakfast took 3 hours with rewinds story of the past… so much story to tell with so limited time.. Sharing what’s happening in our life now. After the meal, we waved each other, exchanged number and email. That is his last day at KK after took 2 weeks leave from his work. He worked at oversea… hope will see him again.. that’s what we hope.. what a day.. being stalked by my ‘old friend’.. hahahhahaa….

Friday, September 25, 2009

Where Are Them Now

Once upon a time.. they are my favourites.. and still..

Hahahaa.. my beautiful and sexy hero.. my notes book full with her stickers.. yay!!

Never say no.. heheee

Popeye the sailorman..piitt..piiitt!!!... and that time I believed spinach can make you strong hehehehe.. skinny Olive who always wanted a strong man... During my school time I've been labeled as an 'Olive'.. and now who dared to label me? hehehhee.. I'm not skinny anymore..whoaa hahaa.,..

Natasha Fatale.. the big bos woman at the Bullwinkle show... her order is a command..

My dearest Muttley.. love his gigling.. wheezing.. shackle-razzle

Here.. my favourites Mr. Magoo.. always being saved by his weird and spontaneous characters..

How's a day.. where to go... Hello Magilla

Remind me the sexiest and seductive woman......

Jughead.. one of the pal of Archie.... his weird and classic behaviour...

Happy Friday everybody and have a Blessed weekend......

Friday, September 18, 2009

Soul Vacations

Giving ourselves time to reflect and heal can be a powerful way to process the things that are happening in our lives, and one of the best approaches to do this is by going on a retreat. And that’s what I’m going to do … :) with intention to heal and learn more about what had happened, why and how it is happened. Everyone has a different view and experiences the world differently. It is important to choose a type of retreat that works best for us (especially for me … kekekkee). Some of my friends recommend to me kind like a yoga or tai-chi. But I prefer to choose the one that really can connects with my soul needs. The most important thing is to respect our unique stage of development and to be patient with ourselves since any thoughts or issues that arise are simply part of the process of healing.

Just remember that, retreat is an intense period of time where serious soul searching takes place can help us allow whatever may happen to us to fully unfold. Going on retreat may sound like a vacation (don’t you think so?), but based on my experiences, most retreat ask you to look deep inside of yourself, and sometimes this can be uncomfortable or stir the pot of our soul.

Not everybody can have immediate healing for one time retreat. Sometimes it takes more time depending on our openness to the process by putting down all the ego, anger and be humble in every second. Putting our trust in the retreat process will make space for the necessary work we have to do, making it easier for our hearts and minds to explore wholly the innermost reaches of our soul. By paying attention to these messages, we pave the way for greater healing and transformation, since spending time in contemplation at a retreat will give us the gift of insight and understanding that we can use in all aspects of our daily lives.

By sharing these experiences, I hope it will make a ‘door’ to those who have planned to go… Happy weekend, Happy Hari Raya and God Bless you all.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mary Annai Velangkanni

Continuations from my last visit to Medan in August..hehheee..

What you see below is not a Temple, it’s a church … called ‘Mary Annai Vellangkanni’ Our Lady of Good Health located at Tanjung Selamat, Medan North Sumatera. Based on the popular devotion to Mother Mary who is said to have appeared in 17th century in a coastal village called Vailankanni, in Tamil Nadu India. She has come to be known as Annai Velangkanni, meaning Mother of Velangkanni just as Mary, Our Lady of Lourdes and Our Lady of Fatima.

This majestic looking building resembles a towering Temple, which will certainly draw the attention of any passers by. Mary Annai Velangkanni was under construction from September 2001 to September 2005 and was declared open on 1st October 2005.

The uniqueness of this shrin lies in the originality of its Indo-Mogul architecture, in it's ornaments and display of colours done by amateur hands and above all in it's Biblical content narrating from the history of salvation from creation until the second coming of Jesus through it's structures, ornaments and paintings. The shrine consists of two floors; A Community Hall on the ground floor a place of worship on th first floor with a balcony and seven storey tower with tripple domes, symbolizing heaven, the abode of the Triune God Almighty.

Rev. Fr. James Bhrataputra, SJ designer architect and contractor of this monumental shrine. The whole concept of the shrine was inspired by one of the contemplations on the mystery of Incarnation as suggested in the spiritual exercise of St. Ignatius of Layola, the founder of the Jesuit Order. Rev. Fr James has tried to give a concrete form to his life long contemplation as a Jesuit.

Mini garden dedicated to the memory of Marian Pope John Paul 11.

Children park back of the chapel

Before the entrance of the second floor stand two huge statues of St. Paul, the Apostle of nations and St Francis Xavier the Apostle of Asia welcoming the visitors. I only managed snap a statue of St Paul.
Entrance of the Community Hall at the ground floor

The miracles of God.

The interior of the church that is studded fully with relief, paintings and ornaments is a feast for eyes.
The dome above the alter has three paintngs describing the second coming of Christ and tha last judgement scenes.
The last supper

From the entrance door of the church, you can see the paintings are diffrent. What's the different?? Let me tell you.. but for sure I couldnt believe my eyes too!!.. I saw they having the feast at a table but when I come closer to the altar.. the feast are on the floor. Too bad, My camera a 'too good' to took a picture..hahhahaaaa...
Another church.. which catch my eyes.. St Fransiscus De Asisi.. located at Brastagi

The structures and design from the Batak culture

Inside the chapel..

Actually I took too many pictures of different types of church with their own uniqueness and design... will share with you all..next time..hehhehee

Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm So Tired...

Feeling tired is one of the most common phrases in many of us especially with those who deal with timeline in work or study. Not easy to diagnose what is the real caused of tired as it could be caused by so many different ailments. Last night, I can’t sleep and my mind start thinking to find out why I feel so exhausted especially this week. Normally, I answered my mind by saying that ‘I’m tired coz I over worked ..I’m tired coz not enough time ..I’m tired coz not enough sleep and etc’. It’s just a few reasons of why I might be feeling so tired.

Maybe I bored with my routine works and daily personal life. Everyday come home from work and just collapse on couch or bed feeling tired. No desire to move on and don’t want to do anything. Feel trapped doing the same thing every day with no hope for escape. Always feel like my whole life was ‘get up, go to work, come home, go to bed then repeat again tomorrow’. Feel frustrated with what’s happening in my life.

Today is Saturday and not a working day for me. But still need to come to office to do some works.. now I’m ready to take a shower.. :(

Maybe I need to try something new… but I still feel tired to think about it.. hehheehee. And now I still very tireeeeeeeedddddddd….

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Obstacle..

Time is running out...

With every steps taken, it may lead to unforgiving decisions...