Monday, August 30, 2010

Blessed Day..

Thanks God I feel blessed to wake each day and see the world in a new light. Blue is a beauitiful colour and heart-warming feeling. Just look at the sky, isn't blue beautiful?. Its not a sad colour. After all what is Tuesday without Monday...what a day after Sunday?... hehehe..

Blue to Blues..Happy BlueS Monday everyone!!. Today is Merdeka Eve..feel the heat and lets rock the town tonight!! By the way, do not forget to submit your assignement to the pay!!. It will make our Merdeka worth meaning... ok back to


Thursday, August 26, 2010

Alone and Independence..

What is being alone means to me?? To me word ‘alone’ are doing something without accompany of anybody. Almost all the time I dine alone, shopping and buy groceries alone, watch tv-movies alone especially on weekend, went to mass alone, study alone, driving alone and sleep alone.. lol ^-^. For some reason, I prefer to be alone. I can stay in the library with a books for 5 hours straight all by myself. Well…the only thing I want to learn now is to live alone because all of my years I lived with family. I’ll move out soon and live alone. And again I want to do things alone. I have everything in planned. One thing I’m very sure about myself is.. I’m independence in a kind of way.

By the way, I’m not introvert or loner. In fact I like talking (I think this is my traits and I cant stop talking.. non-stop.. I should become a politician hehhe..) hang out with friends and try new things together. Thinking to meet new peoples, coz I think my friends are tired of listening to me..hahhaha.

I am alone most of the time because I don’t really have a choice. Being single (and mingle too… J ) and with only my colleagues, I usually do things on my own and I like it. Sometimes I feel good coz I don’t have to argue with anybody about something or trying hard to ‘buy’ their hearts. The best things is I can do anything without thinking of what the other person might say.

But not all the time being alone is good…take me for example, I like talking…if I alone then whom I want to talk to?. The only things could shut me up is a books… hehhee. So I had decided and enrolled or should I say renewed myself again as a library member after 10 years being expelled from the list…why? My card expired. New to me, no more plastic card to identified you as a member but with an Identity Card. I borrowed a bunch of books to read for this coming weekend and thinking to lock myself in a room. Should I buy some Pringles and cappuccino to complete it? Hehehe...

While we are in the corner of celebrating Independence Day, I want to take this opportunity to wish all Malaysian ‘Happy Independence Day’ and psssttt.. declaring my weekend independence too.. hehehe..

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The 3' Cycles...

When the 3' cycles stand side by side.... what do you 'see'??...hehehe..