Thursday, October 30, 2008

A Season Of Change?

Sitting on my chair and looking out of the windows from my very own office space this Thursday afternoon without having my lunch, I am reminded how much of life is about to change. Much like the seasons change every year, so do my lives. It is subtle sometimes, barely noticeable but always constant, always a part of me. Other times, the changes in my lives are like the changing of the leaves, a bit at a time but then a sudden, bright explosion of color.  

Am I preparing enough for the fact that may and probably will change sometime in my life? Am I making the best of every opportunity that I have now to embrace life and to grow in my relationship with my families, friends and especially to God? Am I doing things now that I’ve always dreamed of doing, embracing the opportunity to do them without the responsibilities of a relationship hanging over?  Am I will ever again have this season in my life because things will change..again?. I may meet someone special, I may have a new career opportunity, I may build a new dream again..again and again…?

I viewed this as a challenge for me not to let this ‘season’ in my lives be wasted. Because I realized that I need to embrace every opportunity that God brings to me to live my life to the fullest. Take that trip that I always wanted to take, learn how to ‘live’ again, stick to the goals and diet routine that I’ve started last week, pursue that dream career and buying an asset that I planned for so long..hehehehhe .

What ever it may be, I remind myself calmly GO FOR IT! Become disciplined enough to have what it takes to make those dreams come true. Life is much too short to spend it waiting. I want  to be women after God’s heart that are not afraid to live life to the fullest and embrace the changes in my lives as they come. 

So friends, how do you address change in your life? Do you embrace it and squeeze every moment out of it, learning from the changes and letting them make you a better person or do you hide from it, resenting the fact that life does change?  Emm..I should ask this question to myself either hehehehe…Have a blessed day…. !!!!

I urge you to live a life worthy of the calling you have received 
(Ephesians 4:1)


  1. life is always about to change..

    idk other pple... n idwk other life.. but it always about to change depends on our surrounding, the environment, the people.. etc.. they all have influence..

    one think that i really dont understand here is.. y to god? im sorrry my friend not about to change ur mind or lifestyle.. but.. wat did he do? i mean.. he's there. I KNOW. but is he really there..? O_o" y to him?

    y about to suffer? i mean.. sorry a bad example and i cant giv a best advice as for u; i juz hope u all the best! :) rock on!

  2. Life is always to change as the world never stop 'rolling' but the feeling of thankful of all this make me look above. Who else can do all of this things? the opportunity, the moment, the sound of lives and etc..I cant do that nor others. I only can make a choice and receive or reject it. We know He is there which means we admit His existence ^_^. He do a lot to me life with hope. Suffer is just a 'taste' of life..we never know what is means being happy,joy or being blessed without suffering..hehehehe