Saturday, November 1, 2008

Hello November...

I start my day with a 'little breakfast' hehehehe..almost forgot my goals to keep in healthy diet..I drink a cup of cappucino and eat a slice of cakes..hahhahaa and my friend took a heavy breakfast!!

Its November...time past so fast and now we are heading to the end of 2008!!! Can you all imagine it? hehehehe... I still can feel the warmness of last I'm going to planned my day for November before I wasted it again..hehhehee.

I got nothing much to say..I wake up this morning with a heart of joy..why? because it is November, a month full of battles for me. What are going to happen in November? first thing I know, I'll be another year old This November also are hallowen day for those 'who' celebrate it..but remember for those Catholic out there, we celebrating All Saints and All Souls day today..hehehhe. Just a little reminder. Emm..Advent is coming means that we are preparing for Christmas..hahhaha..I cant wait. I love Christmas. I love the season of warmness, togetherness and what else? changing gifts lor..hehehehe. Looks like I need to spend a little extra $$$ in my budget this year for an additional persons in my list ^_^. And of course for my newborn nephew..hehehhe..what do you think anyway? I also want to catch a latest movies which are going to release this November. Such as James Bond 007 The Quantom of Solace, Madagascar Escape to Africa, The Guitar, Twilight and etc. That is how I chill out..!!!. Feel boring? not at all..I love watch movie and eat some popcorn and pepsi..hahhaha..again not a healthy food huh?
This November I will get busy again. Especially with my works..audit again..boring. But what to do? do the best lor..hehhehehe. Not to mention I need to prepare for my coming exam in early December..wahh..means this November I'm going to have that 'panda look' again..hehehhe.
Emm...I guess most of my friends have their own planning for this November. I hope everything will be fine...Good Luck everybody and Happy Saturday!!! Rock out frens!!!


  1. oh great nce to c u around.. hehe erk.. nice break fast! ^_^ r u dieting or this isnt a diet..? ^_^

    hmm yeah i guess i celebrate the halloween only that i hav no money to make it real for now.. lmao! ^_^ n yup.. chrismas will be around.. not my celebration but its really cool to c relative wif their fun time.. ^_^

    have a great weekend alv! :) xoxoxo! blessed be!

  2. Hahaha..Im not dieting for slimming but to low down my colesterol. Too skinny to diet hehehhe..anyway, Hallowen? I want to feel the 'season' but where? Tengok tv sajalah hehehee...

    Christmas..^_^ what a wonderful season..bgs juga kalau ada snow kan? hehehehe...

  3. heehhe... diet kah ness..ekkeke... bah nanti show tu james bond ... kita pi ramai2 ekek tgk kekeek