Saturday, October 25, 2008

One Rainy Saturday; The Thoughts..

A rainy Saturday in KK. I slept in till one to two hours from my usual weekday hours, refusing to roll out from my bed until the effects from last night’s revelry subsided. A colleagues and I had gone straight from work to have fun at karaoke and celebrating one of our friend from KL (our ex colleague). As I wake up this morning, I feel something is missing. I keep thinking and trying to go deep within me to understand it…lol!!.  Well I’m tired keep ‘searching’ which myself not understand either hehehhe, I opened my windows and there a cold breeze and sprinkle of water washes over my face. Its raining…how beautiful !!.  I decide to jump out from my bed and take a cold shower…emm ini kerja gila sudah lah sejuk..mandi air sejuk lagi…hehehhe

Another one lonely weekend for me. Well, I do some of office stuff which needs to be submitted next week. I can’t tell what I feel right now.. Suddenly my phone ringing and one of my best buddy chat with me for almost an hour!!..telling me about her sadness and loneliness after losing someone which is very important to her. Leaving her and leaving this earth. I’m trying to be a good listener…and I know what the feel is being left without a words. Further, there are a lot of words left behind. Regret for the ‘untold words’ to be told to someone who need it most. The words of sorry, love, hopes and so on. The empty space in her heart leads to a loneliness in her life. And I think we need a God’s solution to the loneliness when we want to disconnect ourselves from the injustices and painful memories. By entrusted our past to God for a greater purposes.The awakening take place when we no longer see our stories as belonging to us.  Instead, begin to view the stories from the perspective of a God who entrusted us with a challenge as His stage to reveal His power and deliverance.  Allowed God to display His power through us. God bless you my friend!!.

And I realize one thing, why we keep wait for the right time to tell someone about what we feel, thought and dream of? As time goes by, the untold ‘words’ become nothing but leaving empty spaces in our life. God is hopes and loves..

Hear my cry, O God; attend into my prayer. from the end of the earth will I call unto Thee, when my heart overwhelmed, Lead me to the rock that is too high for me. For thou hast been a refuge for me, a tower of the strenght in the face of the enemy. I will dewll in Thy tent for ever, I will take refuge in the covert of Thy wings.

 (Psalms 61:2-5) 


  1. hmmm i think i understands ur feelings girl.. :) hmmm perhaps u need someone..? i mean.. hmmm take a few relationships.. i mean friends.. special one.. family.. u'll never felt left behind.. thats wat ple always mention.. some part of em true some part of em.. reminded as.. "only u know" anyway.. rock on girl u r pretty girl i must say.. y do u need to feel lonely.. after all.. :) lets srike this world. together lol


    hmm.. juz a friend thought.. hope it would be okay..~
    y do everytime that we found ourself.. feeling sad, soreness, down.. etc~ pple always mentions bout.. let god decide?im not trying to be smart in here, but.. he hav no wills to decide which life r u into.. its in ur choice girl.. either to lay back or to.. strike.. it will lead to something that pple alwas call.. "destiny/ fate" watever~.. lets strike our life to which it will be ended, girl.. not juz lay back n wishing for something that never there.. ^_^" friend talk.. beck! ^_^

  2. Hi Beck thanx for the advise. Yes, we choose our own choice either to lay back or strike. To do that I need strength..and God is the choice..hehhehe..with helping by His angels..called friends like you Beck..hehhehe. I luv ur girl!! ^_^

  3. Our God already put everything in the right place... its up to us to find it... and if u found it.. use it in a proper way...and make it useful.... God Bless U ness...

  4. I need just that...sobsobsob..
    that 'SPECIAL HUG'

  5. dui nah punya panjang sia taip pasal FREE HUG tadi, tiba2 komputer sia buat hal lah pula... kimbetttttttt

    terus panas ni.... sabar ja lah kan...

  6. Matius 11:28 - 29

    "Marilah kepadaKu, semua yang letih lesu dan berbeban berat, Aku akan memberi kelegaan kepadamu. Pikullah kuk yang Kupasang dan belajarlah padaku, karena Aku lemah lembut dan rendah hati dan jiwamu akan mendapat ketenangan."

  7. Apakah anda merasa letih sehingga seolah olah tidak sangup lagi menanggung beban anda ?
    Serahkan semua beban anda pada Dia, maka ia akan memberikan kelegaan pada anda.
    Datanglah kepada-Nya karena Dia akan mengundang anda. (khas buat mereka yg seringkali mengalami masalah, ketahuilah bahawa semua itu adalah rencana Tuhan dan Dia berikan yang terbaik dan lebih dari yang kita ingini.... sabar)

  8. sometimes we need to learn to be lonely LoL... just open ur mind and think positively :) u will be able to cope it ! :) I always make myself busy and happy with my work :) eh? itu ja la.. keke