Wednesday, October 15, 2008

How To Keep Stress

Long term stress can lead to mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, eating disorder and substance abuse. Certain illness such as migraines (I always kena this one..adei), ulcers, heartburn, high blood pressure, pms, infertility, obesity and skin problems are also stress related.

There are many kind of stress and affect us in many ways. To most of us however, stress wreaks havoc on our emotional and physical health, narrowing our ability to think clearly and etc. We can’t avoid the onset of stress as it s part and parcel of our daily lives, but we can manage it by applying a positive attitude towards our thought and emotions. The goal is to lead a balance life, with time for work, relationship, relaxation and fun. Here’s what we can do to keep stress under control:

1. Learn to relax             

Relaxation techniques like yoga or massage help to lower blood pressure and pulse rate, release muscle tension and ease emotional strains. I used to meditate to relax my mind and sometimes went for massage with friends. Hehehehe..good ooww..

2. Take time off               

Ideally, we should go on vacation or take long weekends off. Even spending an  hour or two away from busy schedule can work wonders or spend time with your loved ones..eemmm..hard to say so

3. Get enough sleep                   

Sleep fuels our mind and body, keeping us well rested both mentally and  physically. I can sleep 10 hours a day if I too tired and after that take a cold shower and eat hehhehe

 4. Listen to music                       

Classical, instrumental or gentle music help to reduce feelings of anxiety, heart rate and blood pressure. I used to listen to P&W songs.

5. Express feelings                     

Sharing how we feel by talking to someone can help ease our troubles away. We can also try writing a journal, a poem or letter. Like me, I used to writes a journal everyday by expressing my emotions as I’m not really good in talking to someone else..hehehhe

6. Sense of humor                       

Laughter is an effective mechanism that helps to release the tension of pent-up feelings and helps  reduce stress hormone levels. Sometimes I no need to making humor but just look at the Mr. Bean sitcom hahahhaha…

7. Maintain healthy lifestyle

Exercise regularly, avoid excessive alcohol, caffeine and tobacco. Adopt a diet rich in a variety of whole grains, vegetable and fruits.

Well, when I looked into this tips I realize there’s few things that I forgot to apply in my daily lives especially in food intake. I should try these useful tools since I’m getting stress and stress everyday…





  1. stress sia kamarin g mula class. leh gitu?

  2. Adei..stress juga ko Pado? hehehe..mari gia kita cuba2 try tu tips hehehhe..sya stress byk perkara juga ni..hehehhe..