Wednesday, October 8, 2008

hAppY BirThdaY tO yOu....

(9th October-Thursday)
I want to wish a very-very Happy Birthday to SOMEONE today!!!!

Now it's come..09th October..the BIG day for You!!
Happy birthday to you..may your dreams come true for all that you wish for in life. 
For your kindness and love are a blessing from above. 
I'm so proud to have you in my life. 
You can be tender, caring, adventreous and daring..hehehhee..well you never fail to impress. 
But as a whole you are a loving soul, tender-hearted with a gentle caress. 
Fill each day with laughter here and ever after as your smile brings joy to my heart. 
I love you so and I want you to know how special you have been from the start (true kah this arr..hehehhe). 
Anyway, happy happy happy happy BIRTHDAY!!!



  1. ya, I also wanna wish him a Happy Birthday. :P

  2. Thanks.. I luv you dear... im so bz wt my work at the moment..

  3. Dont spend too much time with works. Try to relax a bit..hehehe..mind your health..hehehe