Saturday, November 15, 2008

Being Betrayed

Few things in this world hurt like a broken heart. It's the blow that we never see coming: a longtime friend turns their back on us. Someone we love rejects and betrayed us. Someone we have let into the deepest, most private corners of our heart says or does something to hurt us when we in vulnerable position. The situations that sometimes make me died inside and jeopardize my works, my study, my relationship and my future.

Painful as it is, the broken heart is here to stay. It is part of being human, and it's a sometimes bitter reminder of how important our relationships are to us. Our need to connect with other people is hardwired into us. And that's the heart of the problem--we're forming relationships with people, who sometimes make mistakes, act cruelly, or just go away.

Is the solution to avoid other people altogether, to harden our hearts against relationships that might disappoint or hurt us..again? Am we willing to throw out the joy that relationships can bring to avoid the possibility of pain down the road? Is it possible to experience love without the fear of loss and hurt, without the fear that we'll be let down in the end?

And now I’m here again, counting the drops of the past. Looking for something to get connected to the future. Wishing the pasts will heals itself. Wishing for those who feeling hurts a being delivered. Coz, from there we both know the meaning of friendship and the worth of loves in our lives. And the moment of truth will reveal itself. Those times will never coming back but will go along with our journey. Thank you for those ‘moment’ which keep me build a confidence to live without fear.


  1. Hmm.. sounds "familiar" here. I mean.. hmm.. lets juz leave it behind.

    the closeness makes us being more sensetive

    Hate to admit it.. but things like those always happen..~ too bad there are minority of us who really cares bout this matter n those who cares are basically the one who hav to experience "broken hearted." ...n pple juz doesnt care~

    I have no further comments.. It's juz not fair~