Monday, November 17, 2008

Thank You

Hola-hooola thank you to all my friends who have wished my 'golden age' wakakakakaka...especially to my blogger friends..hey remember I did not catogerized you all as a 'blogger friends' are my gifted friends..really love you all...And thanks for all the supports that I received.

For those my colleagues who was really enjoyed that night..wooo aramatieeeee...memang kamu semua ganas-ganas especially for the ladies. I'm surprised..heheheeeee. Feel me still young..wakakkaka...a lot of 'sexy-sexy' dance has been recorded..hahahha..can I upload tu youtube? hehehheheh....

Well, thank you for someone ^_^ for the beautiful roses I received. Sorry for the picture..a bit blur and yes..kena panas sudah hahahha..berspa dalam kereta for few hours..thanks and I really mean it..^_^ are ^_^ sweet.

The most important, I want to thanked God..all the blessings..all the trials that I've been make me strong..^_^..


  1. Arghhh!!! U have ur bday today!! haha! Happy bday!!! Alv!!! :D opps.. damn i almost forgot.. O_O"" if its not ur post im sure will forgot that.. O_O"" sowie bout that.. O_O""

    xoxoxo :D all the best.. hehe n blessed be!

  2. A blessed birthday to u..and thank God for you..When u tell me "I'm No One", i r not alone...

  3. I'm not sure what the flowers are for. But anyway, i wish you happiness. Nice Flowers.

  4. Alv, Happy Belated birthday to you... by the way, that 'sweet person' of urs show me the pic of the flowers in his hp... yeahhhh... lucky u gurl ;)