Tuesday, November 11, 2008


In every moment of life I saw you there .I dont know who you are, but you always there and you did tried your best to understand me, reaches me everytime I fall. I thankful for that. I dont need an eyes to see you coz I can feel your presence. You are my friend-God give you to me. Thank you for being my friend. We chat everyday thru sorrow and happiness...

Now..you are in sadness, sorrow and hurts I wish I can erase away your pains. I really meant to. But just remember, I always there for you. If you are lonely and need a friend..I'm here. When troubles seems like never end, just remember to keep faith and love will be there to light the way. Even you miles away, I'm by your side, by virtue or by presence..for sure I'm by your side. So dont ever feel lonely, love will make it right. When the shadows are closing in and your spirit diminishing, remember you not alone and love will be there to guide you home. You can always cry on my shoulders.

Dedicated to my special friend..dont worry every thing happens come with purposes. We might not undertsand it now..but for sure..the answers is always there. Smile always..my sweet (Leads)


  1. :) u hav a sweet heart.. :) xoxoxo rock on!

  2. wah..tq..
    we r in the same situation. :)
    never give up my fren, :)

  3. You are rite Leads..lets never give up!!!