Monday, June 27, 2011

Weekend with Children

Nothing is more fun than spend the weekend with children or our loved ones. Sunday Masses is important to me not just because of the obligation for the masses but the responsibility towards the children. Involving in the Children Liturgy taught me a lot of children behaviours. I feel so grateful took this responsibility as it was my self-reflection to what extent I can do. These children are mirrored for tomorrow. Thanks to those whose willing to spend their time for the children to teach and firmed their faith to face the world of tomorrow.

Last Sunday, my parish has conducted a drawing and colouring contest for the children. I’m not involved in that contest but feel so happy watching them. Something echoes in my heart while looking down on them ‘this is children for tomorrow, a light that walk to the path of future’.

As I said, I spent my weekend with children, my nephew celebrating his 6th years born day. He was so happy surrounding by his aunties and uncle. My sister baked a birthday cake for

(a simple and plain birthday cake..hand made)

By the way, I feel blessed surrounding by the kids even tough waves of life never stopped reached my life.


  1. Hi Alv, good for you spending time with kids.
    Always fun enjoy their company.
    Have a great week.

  2. Siok juga spend time sama budak2 kan..mcm2 karenah dorang tu..