Monday, June 6, 2011

Lazy Me

Sure everyone has ever feel lazy on Today I really didn’t want to do anything (well…I did submitted monthly report to the bosses..hehehe). My body in an office but mind at home.. sitting comfortly on a couch, eating snacks and watch TV. I don’t know why I’m always feeling tired. That is the reason I need more sleep but I found the more I sleep the more I get tired. Sometimes I’m tired of sleeping. There is the time I cannot sleep and sometimes cannot get enough sleep.

I don’t even know what happened to me. Spent my weekend wandering around shopping malls and eating whatever I feel to but still cannot get this tired feeling. Well…I’m not physically tired. I’m not even know what to called it.. emotionally tired? I have no idea at all. To think about it also make me tired hahahaa…. Wah! so many of ‘tired’ words today. I better off before I become more tired hahha…

Can’t wait to go home for more lazing time hahaha…


  1. feel the monday blues too.....

  2. luckily im on leave today and no monday blues. Well, try makes u feel good and energetic!

  3. Chris..enjoy your holiday. Yes I should go for jog or gym hehhee..