Friday, June 10, 2011

Here The Weekend

Since these few months I'm longing for holidays. No public holidays for this month and I planned to take a holidays..just a short escape from this hectic life but no clue where to Luckily weekend is here and I will make use of it. I dont have any planned for weekend gateway this month and I'm trying to make myself loaded with nice things :). Those negatives energies and emotional interference need to put on rest.

I'm looking forward for this coming weekend. I'm going to hunt the ngiu chap (beef stew) at my favorite place hehehe. I promised to myself that starting next week I will be stick with my diet to get rid the calories in my body. I cant stop eating and snacking these few days. I'm still in my ideal weight but I know those calories would accumulate and turned to fat in a future. However, keeping healthy and enough energies is important plus with exercise... :(. I hate exercising..any alternatives way? hehee...

Those pictures a where my calories come..hahaha. Menus for this five

Varieties of foods drives me crazy. Locals and westerns restaurants are mushrooming and I cant keep my desire to have a 'food test'!!.

Oh ya...Popular Bookstore and Times having a books fair discount up to 30%. Looking forward to visit there

By the way have a blessed weekeend guys...enjoy it. Not everyday we have weekend hehehe...


  1. wahhhhh starbuks kah??? am not fan of starbucks but i am fan of costa..ntah ada atau tidak di malaysia

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaa....I loved all the food you mention here....

  3. Its 2:09AM and its surely is the wrong time to read this post cause the pictures made me hungaaaaryyyy....

    Haha, have a nice weekend and chillax a lil bit more. Have a break and just take the time to feel alive ^^

    Adios amigos!

  4. Food!! Food!!! I love Food!!!!

    Hi Alv! long time no visit here.