Thursday, June 2, 2011

Living Simplicity

I’m pretty sure in our daily lives, we often rush through tasks by trying to get them done, finish as much as we can, speeding along in our cars to do what we need to do here and there and speed to the next destination and doing the same again and again. Unfortunately, it’s often not until we get to our final destination that we realize what madness this all about. We will feel exhausted and stressed out from the grind and the chaos and the busyness of the day. We don’t have time for what’s important to us, for what we really want to be doing, for spending time with loved ones or doing things we’re passionate about. Slowly it leads to monetary life. We see things with dollars sign and unrealized live with it. Sigh…

People don’t see things but talk things. This is what I learned through my current social life. In order to be accepted into their group you need to become one of them or at least like them. They’re pricey people not just in monetary things but spiritually world. I couldn’t accept for what the conditions offered as I believe in one thing, you are what you are. You not belong to anybody but yourself. Accept for who you are then others will accept you (or Might sound funny to most of you but that’s what I think through observation and currently practice it. I guess, I just couldn’t have time to be bothered anymore. I don’t care as long as I know the truth and I don’t even hold it against them. So now, whatever I do, as long as I know the truth and happy about it, I don’t get bothered by what others think. Those people have more issues about themselves if they think badly about other people and the more vicious they become the unhappy them about themselves.

Living in simplicity is what I need the most.. for now hehhee. Happy for what I have and dreams for what I don’t have…yet. Hope I’m not walk too far from my route hehhe.

And that's why I turned this situation to ‘as long as I like to involve and help people, I will not hurt them or by them’ as simple as it is…lol.


  1. kalau di FB nie sya like sudah nie post.. huhu..ada kebenaran. Terima kasih. :D

  2. Automatic link pi FB juga ni hehhee...ko p like ja di sana hehee

  3. Nice one! :D

    We must first know what is the purpose of our life, stay focus and persevere through the journey.

    Life always has it ups and downs... dont stay down for too long. Haha

    Have a great day ahead!

  4. Welcome back to blogging world, you know this post of yours just reminded me of myself for i am always hasty, thinking nonsense at times,, now must really control, take it easy and relax.

    have a great weekend ya

  5. Hi Alv, you just live your life as how you want it to be. Be an individual, not to be influenced by anyone.
    Just be who and what you are....
    living your life with no excuses, to love with no regrets.
    And have fun.
    Best regards.

  6. Eugene..ya we must always in control..hehe

  7. Hi Uncle Lee..thanks for the reminder and i really appreciate it. Yes..I'll be who and what I am.