Monday, October 22, 2012

What a Life

I remembered 10 years ago when someone asked me if I have free time to come over to their party. Having a good food and movies with them, and my answers always 'YES'. Now I bet everyone (especially those in my range of will gives this unanimous answer 'BUSY'. The response is almost programmed and without thinking. I must admit that 'busy' has been my response for years now..sighs. Come to think again, how did we all of sudden find ourselves in a society where busy was the most acceptable way to be spending time?

Few days ago while having a quick coffee with friend (but it turned to long conversation hehe), we've talked about being busy. This happened when she thanked me for meeting on such short notice by saying "I can't believed you could make time for me with how busy you must be". Am I that busy? Well everyone assumes everyone is so busy. Through the conversation, we realized that we forgot being busy was never a goal. We are not live to be busy. God has created such a wonderful place for us to stay, build a relationship, experience life, go places and create moments, help others or anything our heart desired. 

I have a feeling that none of us feel we are here to be busy. I do not believe being busy is worth of time because sometimes we might get caught up being busy doing worthless things. Life in this business world sadly has trained us this way as employee which expected to put in 8-12 hours of work a day. But since I 'must' seem busy, I fill the time with Facebook, chatting, web surfing or any other online life. This is not helping me to connect with others...not in a healthy way. I come to realized that busy is simply state of mind which causes more stress, unhappiness and wasted energy. Luckily, I convert it all by being socially active in church. Helping the parish and parishioners in all way I can. The gifts that I received from Almighty are meant to be shared with this community even though I received much of negatives comments (or should I say 'gossip') from some peoples. I have to accept in this crooked world, there is no perfect word/things can satisfied people especially in the unhealthy state of minds.

I think to enjoyed the weight that gets lifted our back is by changing our focus and not to be too busy to serve our purpose. I have full schedule this past few months and I mapped out my calendar to be sure it all fit without realized I'm putting myself in that 'caught up situation' again..sigh. Life can never be too busy for the things that matter most to you. If you don't have time for those, the busywork or life won't matter anyway. I am done being busy. Someone have to remind me.. everytime. I need to be alarmed about How I wished to have a button that can trigger level of busyness to the normal and easy life. Hope someone can invent this so that 'busy' is no longer my response to life..just saying..hahahaa.   


  1. Time is always short when one is busy... I always wish the time is slower... too fast to catch up with time...

  2. i like this "I convert it all by being socially active in church. Helping the parish and parishioners in all way I can.."

    thats the best way to live in this busy world

  3. Claire,
    I totally agree with you

    Yes it is.. God bless

  4. yes, no matter how busy, we should always make time for our family and friends too..

  5. Hi Alvianna! Thanks for your comment on my blog "" Yes. IT's SUPER!

    I read your post "What a life".. BUSY! HAha sometimes I do use that word. Like a lot! But I when I meet up with friends and family, I'll make sure I put my phone aside to cherish the moment. :D

  6. well written. hate to think that most of us are busy with online life, more than real living nowadays

  7. Hi Chloe..thanks for drop by too. I still cant left my phone :(..bad habit hahaa

  8. BD,
    Technology has replace us. Hopefully no surrogates to replace our own body hehehe..