Thursday, October 25, 2012

Weekend Package

YES…tomorrow is public holiday for all Malaysian in celebrating of Hari Raya Haji. First of all I would like to wish ‘Happy Hari Raya Haji’ (Aidil Adha) to those who celebrate it. Means we have three days in weekend. Good news ahh..??. My weekend has planned and all in one package. 

This weekend I’ll be participate in Life in the Sprit Seminar for Sunday School Confirmation student. The seminar is an introduction to a life lived in the power of the Holy Spirit. The seminar will started tonight till 27th of October. There will be few series of talks, prayers, worships, scripture teaching, songs, personal testimonies, inner healing, deliverance and outpouring of the Holy Spirit sessions. The talks will cover the faith exploring including the basic message of salvation, a personal relationship with God as well the potential and the power of the Holy Spirit. 

I’ll be giving talk in Deliverance topic on the last day of the seminar right before the Deliverance and Outpouring of the Holy Spirit Session. I’ll do more slides in presentation plus with the lesson and life testimonies on how Holy Spirit acting in our daily lives. Through experiences, I knew teenagers are more to slides presentation rather than talking. 

Hope this seminar will help them to go through their life with more faith especially after their baptism and confirmation. Living life a s teenagers nowadays is not easy. So we are. All of us need the power of God’s Holy Spirit to live out our daily lives in the midst of the struggle and temptations in today’s world. It is impossible for us to walk a Christian life through our own efforts. So there goes my full two days of weekend. For the last day of weekend on Sunday right after the Children Liturgy and Mass, again I’ll be involved in Infant Baptism till evening. Wish me luck.

Sound so packed and exhausted feeling but no regret because I love doing it. As for my body, supplement and extra sleep needed…lol. Next week will be a busy days because it is end of the month which reports and costing of branch submission. Hope I can handle it with patience and BIG SMILE..


  1. Great...doing God's work!! All glory to Him.. Yes, with His strength and wisdom, you will surely handle it very well... PTL...

  2. Wow, that's absolutely admirable. To have the time is one thing but the will, passion, your faith and more to do all these are amazing. God bless you..

  3. Hi Chun, good for you. Always admire someone like you.....
    Anyway, I have always believed hands that help are Holier than lips that pray.
    You stay easy and keep a song in your heart.

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