Saturday, April 18, 2009

An Evening Friday Message

It’s Friday evening!!! Yes… end of working days… work finished at 6.00pm. Sunny evening and I’m in a mood to watch movie. Along the way to 1B, I feel amazed by the beautiful scenery.. I never realized it before… thousand times I took a same road but never feel this kind of ‘amazing moment’ in my life… I took it all for granted. Life is so wonderful… why today I feel it? Why this evening? I don’t have any clues, but I know… there is something out there for me to reach…
Dont you think the wooden house in a busy town telling us 'a story'?

The sky, sea and beach... represent what 'life' is...

The 'art' of mind.......

The it the end of the day? or beginning for tomorrow?

The corner of life..

To choose the right path of life...

Sorry for the poor quality pic's. I took it while I'm driving with a window close. I just love the 'evening colour' .... Especially the sky, sunset... looks 'peace' to me...


  1. No worries about the photos. As long as we get the message. Nice places you have there.

    P/s : If you are interested to know about Christ, please visit our new church blog at

  2. hmm...seems like a nice place you live in....matter of fact, sabah and sarawak are such lovely places...if only we can get rid of the "plague".... I go again....sorry...


    (by the way, do sabahan use the word Ciaklat???!!!)

  3. nice scenery! thanks for sharing.

    saya pun teringin mo ambil gambar mcm tu tapi kamera tidak canggih hehehe. saya tunggu birthday wish saya came true *a DSLR camera" hehehe

  4. Nice message..plenty hidden meaning. U know what I mean? ahakss..3 cheers

  5. That´s why I love this media... we can feel other worlds... and you are right, the life we have is amazing.

    Beautiful blog and thanks for the comment in Dave Lucas´ Blog.

    Have a very nice weekend! :)

  6. Nice photos and yes I agree it is a nice evening indeed but try not to do that again as it is dangerous to drive and take picture at the same time.

  7. hey, nice pics u got there... actually u can make the pics looks really nice... Adobe Photoshop (klu rajinlah... hehehe)... tp cantik also bah...

  8. Wah, syaduhnya gambar2 ko ni. BEst tingu.. menyedarkan kita tentang kebesaran Tuhan :) Hari ketujuh Dia berhenti mencipta dan menguduskannya sebagai hari Sabat. Oleh itu kuduskanlah hari Sabat dan jangan lupa pigi sambayang hehehe :D

  9. Hi Willie..thanx ya. I'll visit ur blog. You are parishioner at St Helen Church?

    Ciaklat..hahahhaa..never mind. Iknow you have a lot to mention here..hehhee

    Hi..Phil. No problem bh time dapat juga tu


    Hi Dave..thanks ya

    Leon..hehhehe..thanks for the advise...hehehe..ya I should be more carefull in driving

    Kong..of copurse la you like it. Born Sabahan..ahheheh

    Mand..saya ni memang pemalas mau edit2 hehhee..

    Ornest..ya..kena selalu pergi sembahyang dan selalu mau ingat akan kebesaranNya

  10. HI C.Alv.B, Just stumbled upon yr blog. I know KK is a beautiful city. In fact every year I'll visit KK due to official matters.

  11. Hi, dropping-by.

    I love those pics. Sunset is always fascinating! :)

  12. Archie..yes it was a nice scenery..but too bad I cant shot welo hehhee..

    Hi Design.thanx for visiting my blog..yes K is beautiful city

    Mamamia..we all love sunset..hehhee