Monday, April 20, 2009

Incomplete Without You..

I received a text message from someone today. I don’t know who is the person but I just replied. The text message says ‘please pray for me’ and when I asked who.. the person did not give me any names instead keep telling me that he/she lost and feel rejected. The person suffered and really hurt. Lies had destroyed him/her. He/she asked me how I managed to forget the past and move on. The person want me to give whatever tips I had. Wahhh… seem like this person know me (the person might know me since my number is with him/her hehehehe or maybe the person got it from someone else).
Anyway, I’m not good in advising. I can’t teach but can share a little bit. I asked him/her to forgive the persons who had hurts him/her and slowly forgets what had happens. Don’t walk alone and not to take the entire burden alone. Ask strength from God. Give everything to Him and offered the person name that have hurt him/her to God in each of daily prayer. I know it will take times but is worth.

I shared to this person that I’ve a same problem before. In fact it took decades to undo the hurts. At the time I was facing a lot of uncertainty and doubt and realized that He was there right beside me through it all. I remember wanting to feel God’s presence so badly but just feeling dry and empty. I began reflecting about the price that Christ paid on the cross that He literally "crawled and bled" as He carried the cross and how His skin and His heart was broken so we could be whole.

I hope this person get the message.. I really mean it…. Without God life is incomplete… put God first in everything we have…


  1. yes, dear.. i am also like u..i dont know how to give advise though i m in middle age now..just now my fren asked me to pray for her too.. for her family as she is undergoing a crisis now in her life.. she just told me that now she understands how sad God is..when He sees us humans not obeying Him and instead shun Him out of their lives.. this is how she is feeling now..very sad bec how much she has done for her family, was not appreciated as well..

  2. Hi C.Alv.B,
    We enjoy warmth because we have been cold.
    We appreciate light because we have been in darkness.
    By the same token, we can experience joy because we have known sadness.
    Best regards, Lee.

  3. sharing is the best form of reaching out to the unknown. I think u did just that.
    In contrary, if we offer advice/tips/etc, some people may see it as us forcing our ways on them. BEST WISHES!

  4. I wonder who ....

    I hope he's okay

  5. Spread the love God gave you. Regards always...
    Len kali kita p minum air klapa arr

  6. You've done your part. It is up to him/her to respond. Anyway i believe God is watching him/her tight now, waiting for him/her to draw near to Him...

  7. Claire...yes its not easy giving bpeople advise. We only can give them a support, word of encouragement and to let them know..they are not alone

    Uncle Lee..yes its true.

    De..yup. Thanks ya..

    Willie..I know already whose the person and I met him...he keep fighting to overcome his problems and weaknessess..for now I'm always want to be at his side. I know this is God works..He make me and him seen each other again and to undo the 'hurts' of 'yesterday'

    Honey..bila kita pi minum air kelapa? hehehehe

    Ornest..yes I believe HE always walk with him..and Im sure this

    Daniel..speechless ke? heheheehe

  8. hi alv...wah, some trust u that's why they want your advise....bulih jadi kaunselor la ko ni...:P...oh ya, boleh ko kasi emel sa ko punya emel ka sbb blog sa tu untuk invited reader saja so sa mo invite ko...

  9. Archie...amen juga hehehhe

    Memel...camana kunun sa mau bg ko email sa?..nah ni email sa,..hrp ko ada masuk blog sa la hehehehe...

    Huguan..apa kunun yg ko like tu? hehehe