Tuesday, April 7, 2009

I Walk Beside You

There's a story in your eyes
I can see the hurt behind your smile
For every sign I recognize
Another one escapes me

Let me know what plagues your mind
Let me be the one to know you best
Be the one to hold you up
When you feel like you're sinking

Tell me once again
What's beneath the pain you're feeling
Don't abandon me
Or think you can't be saved

I walk beside you
Wherever you are
Whatever it takes
No matter how far

Through all that may come
And all that may go
I walk beside you
I walk beside you

Summon up your ghosts for me
Rest your tired thoughts upon my hand
Step inside the sacred place
When all your dreams seem broken

Resonate inside this temple
Let me be the one who understands
Be the one to carry you
When you can walk no further
Tell me once again
What's below the surface bleeding
If you've lost your way
I will take you in

I walk beside you
Wherever you are
Whatever it takes
No matter how far

Through all that may come
And all that may go
I walk beside you
I walk beside you

Oh when everything is wrong
Oh when hopelessness surrounds you
Oh the sun will rise again
The tide you swim against will carry you back home
So don't give up
Don't give in

Ok.. you all must wonder why I post this songs lyrics. I just want to know what do you think about this lyrics coz there is one 'guy' says that this is a DARK SONG. Please explain and let me understand why this lyrics consider as a 'Dark Song' I dont find any strange or evil words in this lyrics.. He says, this lyrics welcoming evil in our hearts some kind like a 'welcoming words into the Dark World'.
I remember one song title 'Hotel California' by Eagles... and yes I found the lyrics lead to the worshiping of Mr.S.. but how about 'I Walk Beside You?'.....


  1. Don't listen to people like that. It's music, just enjoy it. These fellas get worked up on the most ridiculous theory and buys into other's bull crap. :-)

  2. I also cannot see why that guy said this is a dark song.. Who's the singer?

  3. This is a song from a progressive metal band Dream Theater and was written by their guitarist, John Petrucci who is practicing Catholic. I found this comment by humandoll about this song at this site

    "It's a song about "Walking with God"; in chronological order,
    "I can see the hurt behind your smile"-it's similar to Psalm 139:16-"You know me inside out..."
    "Let me know what plagues you mind"-it's similar to
    Psalm 139:23- "Search me,O God, and know my heart;...my anxious thoughts".
    Then,"What's beneath the pain you feeling",
    Psalm 69:29-"I am in pain and distress...O God protect me";
    Then,"Don't abandon me", Deut.31:6-"He will never leave you nor forsake you".
    Then,the Chorus-"I walk beside you", I Peter 5:7-"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you",
    Then, "Through all that may come and all That may go",Heb.13:8-"Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and for ever".
    Then, "Rest your tired thoughts upon my hand",Mat.11:28-"Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.",
    Then,"Tell me once again...",Psalm 141:1-"O Lord, I call to you;come quickly to me.Hear my voice when I call to you.",
    Then,"When hopelessness surrounds you... Don't give up,don't give in,Psalm 31:24-"Be strong and take heart, all you hope in the Lord".

    It can be played on a Christian Radio Station... "

    Still a dark song??? I don't think so..

  4. nice song, i'm enjoying it. :D

    there's nothing wrong with the lyrics.

  5. hehe... what happen to the music?

  6. Hi, to me this is Jesus guiding you along, asking you to have him with you.
    I do not see anything 'dark'...nice lyrics too.
    You stay easy and keep well, Lee.

  7. Daniel... I should agree with you..just enjoy the music

    Ornest..the singer is Dream Theathre...wah thanks for the info..

    Greg...ya I feel the same too

    Chi..I also dont know hehehe

    Thanks Uncle Lee

  8. errr... I dont see any darkside of this lyrics.. It's all about loving n caring.. Peace Y!..

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