Saturday, December 20, 2008

What Christmas Means To ..

Simply, the meaning Christmas for most people is one of the biggest holidays in a year (for a Christians) and most people have impression that they should do something fun and unique during the Christmas. But on the other hand, Christmas is a Holy Day from Christians point of view. Christmas is the day that Jesus Christ was born, and people every year celebrate for His birth, and appreciates the Jesus being in the nature. Unfortunately, some people abuse Christmas day by becoming too commercialized. People are not becoming aware of the real meaning of Christmas but concentrate on buying things, and have fun. There are too many problems caused from Christmas such as more crime, traffic congestion and crowdedness. People are taking Christmas as an opportunity for them to have fun. What do you think?

Christmas meant much more to me after I had a personal relationship with Jesus. Christmas was now about honoring Jesus' birth. Church had become part of my life and no matter where we were at Christmas, if I could I would slip out for an hour to attend a Christmas service. There I could be with other people who understood Christmas and celebrate it with them.

I wanted Christmas to be a special for my family especially to my young ‘soldiers’ (hehehehe..anak2 buah) .Their excitement over it gave it added meaning for me. It was fun creating our own family Christmas traditions. I enjoyed coming up with surprise presents that would delight my family. I've been pleased that we've often been able to be together as a family on Christmas morning although one of my sister converted to other religion. But, the traditions are keep on and even the children know how to honored the Christmas (to me they only excited on the presents and foods hahahhaha..whatever..)

I wanted Christmas to be about Jesus for my family, so we'd keep telling the story of Jesus' birth together. For me the Christmas story is full of symbolic meaning, whether it's true or not. One of my favorite parts about the story is that God, in the form of Jesus, connected with us by entering our world and walking in our shoes. If we take time to connect with other people that way at Christmas, maybe we can help make their Christmases more meaningful.  

No matter how old you are, the true reason we celebrate at this time of year is to celebrate the coming of God to the world of men. Because "God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him shall not perish, but shall have everlasting life."

What does Christmas mean to me? Finding Jesus with fresh joy and the wonder of childhood, happy in thought that His born means a salvation, peace on earth and for all of us, the brightness of the stars shining in the heaven to light the way for Thee and the loves that makes it all is what Christmas means to me. May HE be the first object of our lives, every morning and every second… God Bless You All…


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family :)

  2. You are right about Christmas and i am thankful to Jesus that you have decided to take Him into your life. May this Chrsitmas will be the best Christmas for you and your family.

  3. merry xmas ya :P masa utk pentobatan LoL

  4. Merry X'mass C.Alv.B..hehhe..
    and happy new year 2009..

    God Bless Us All.. Ho! HO ! Ho!

    santa webber..hehe