Saturday, December 6, 2008

It's Time to Wake Up and Change

Change can be difficult for most people. But in order to be happy we have to become better. And becoming better involves change. So, why you afraid to change? Anything that is alive grows and changes constantly. Only dead things cease to grow. Don’t be afraid to change. You may lose something good, but you may gain something even better’

I still remembered this speech given by one of the priest (cant remembered the name.. ^_^… hehehe sorry) during the homily few months ago. It’s keep tangling me till this day. I know that I need to do something but I keep procrastinate it. I keep telling myself that any intention to change and get out from my comfort zone will be better instead of waiting and watching. But I don’t have a gut to do it. Excuses, complaining, blaming, comparing make me feel safe to stay in my comfort zone.

But for these past few days, I have a little faith to do it. Why know I realize it? Hehehhehe… maybe because I afraid to change and lose something in return? Emm..maybe…hahaha. I feel motivated when my big bos pay a visit at my workplace for few days and give a lot of inspiring words for us to keep change and grow. Thanks for it. At least he do give me ‘something’ to make my move. Change, move and grow….

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  1. ^_^ nice post hun.. but not all changes may lead to better situation.. but yeah u can try.. ^_^ rock on hun! :) hope u doing good.. :) xoxox