Saturday, April 14, 2012

My days in March (Vietnam 1st day 26 March)

I have hinted about my month of March in previous post. I've took hundreds of pictures during the visit. Since we arrived in evening (3.40pm Vietnam time approx 4.45pm Malaysia time) there is not much place to visit except touring around the Ho Chi Minh city by bus.

Hahahahaaa.... can you see that?

It is around 5.00pm in Ho Chi Minh city which means rush hour time hehehe. In Vietnam 70% of population prefer to rode motorcycle. Most of the bus in the city are meant for tourist. Can you spotted their helmet? hehehee... more fashionable than

Wow.. Vietnam woman are beautiful. You cant find a fat lady Probably because of their eating cultures..huh?

Everybody rushed to go home and some of them having part time job during night time like waiter/s, singer.. (that's what our tourist guide told us).

Hahahaaa... see the office lady? hardly to see in our country..

1st night dinner at Vun Thau cruise..

Other cruises in Mekong river. There are few cruises on the river with different shape and some can accommodate thousand peoples in one time. Not managed to took pictures because I'm busy eating and focusing on their light

Will post more pictures on my 2nd day in Vietnam... until then..have a blessed weekend


  1. wow, seams like a nice place to go...

  2. BD..indeed, You should put Vietnam in your vacation list..

  3. Interesting but what do you do during those vocation in Vietnam? Shopping?

  4. Hi, I wouldn't want or even dare to drive in Saigon....
    The bikes all over scares me.
    Great pics you took.
    Love the scenes.....
    Have a nice Sunday.