Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (Week 3, Nov)

Huhuu... the Next Day I'll be..


  1. Your bday izit soon? ;D Happy birthday, Alv0808!

  2. Don't worry... We are all young at heart!

  3. thank God that we live to get old, if getting old is worrying.

    like ChrisAu said, not to worry, this is one thing everyone has to go through

  4. Arm.. yep my birthday today..tambah tua ni

  5. Chris..agree with you. Young at heart hehe..

  6. DE.. correct. We should feel blessed still alive till this age right.. thanks ya

  7. blessed birthday!

    psalms 8:3,4

  8. Hey Alv, many happy returns of the day. Happy birthday.
    And you worry about being old? Holy Smoke!
    You have not even reach the prime of your life.
    Never, ever think or say you old. Then you are old.
    Stay positive, always.

    You read my blog, there's a real sexy grandmother if under different circumstances I'll lepas handbrake date her.
    And? She's 70!! She can put most SYTs in her back pocket, anytime, anyplace.

    You are only old when a caregiver has to bathe you, feed you porridge and you can't spell 'sex;, ha ha ha.
    So, stay positive, banish that word, 'old' from your vocabulary!

  9. Uncle Lee.. reflecting you post and words make me feel blessed. Yes, will keep positive. The world is beautiful and wonderful with the colour of life..

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