Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday with kids

Happy Saturday all. I normally wake up at 10.00am on Saturday except today as I've made promise to my nephews to have a breakfast at Mc Donalds. Well..there's go my Saturday'

Feel so happy after having his breakfast and its play time...

Having an ice cream at vedablu...

a lunch here...

Its toys time.... looking and picking..

Both look so serious... well..dont worry, auntie paid for it

Last place for 'kids time' ... games and entertainment corner

After spending a half days with I'm..reading and writing up my thesis. Going to take a short nap before continue. Feel so tired but what a happy feeling if we're willing to share a days with others and make others life brighter than yesterday..well, I'm just saying..hehhee

Have a great weekend all...


  1. ahaha.. I seldom be the lst to comment on anyone's blog. Well, do come to enjoy life like this.
    Take care. Thinking beautiful and happy will prolong life as well as to stay healthy too.

  2. Wa i like your new blogging style. More pics please. haaha.

    Happy Saturday, Alv0808.

    btw, ko ada nickname lain ka. Sia panggil Alv la.

  3. Dew...congrats to you be a first hehehe. I totally agree with to be cheerish

  4. Arm..thank you. Bah ko panggil sa Chun saja walaupun saya tidak cun hahaha...

  5. Hi Alv, can see you had fun with the kids....ya, kids just love aunties who take them to McDonalds!
    Have a great week and keep a song in your heart.

  6. Okay is that ting tong? hahaha rindu pula zaman budak sa. Where is the ice cream, fish and co pics? hahaha

    nasib teda, kalo nda blapar ni di office XD

  7. Uncle Lee, yes I do have fun with them..

  8. Daniel..ya zaman budak-budak syok kan? hehehee...tidak sempat ambil gambar makanan..realized after finished eating hehehee...