Monday, October 24, 2011

My Thought For You

First day of the week..yes it is Monday. I used to called it Monday blues without truly understand what 'blues' was about. Commonly blues means melancholy and sadness..hey wait a minute...stop there!!. I do feel stressed on Monday and the rest of the weekday too. But I'm not sad and melancholy.. so I should not called it Monday Blues right?? I prefer to fill my mind with positive and good thinking and for that I present you my big yellow smile..

And friend.. thank you for not hating me. I know.. I'm very busy lately almost 'invisible' from friendship cycle..but you still choose me to be your friend.. :)

Ahahahaa.. a words to ponder...

That's all for now little thoughts for you this week... again I'm going to rolling deep into my routine.... and dreams high...


  1. love those wisdom words. Smile, babe! :D

  2. Cool Japanese song in the background Alv ;)

    We, your readers are always here for you even though you missing ba wakakaa.

    Happy midweek!