Tuesday, September 8, 2009

The Obstacle..

Time is running out...

With every steps taken, it may lead to unforgiving decisions...


  1. Hello C.Alv.B, today is monday, wishing u will have a great week ahead..
    btw, why time is running out?

  2. what ever the decision is, do not regret. *hugs*

  3. In every things we're doing.. put GOD first.. ;)

    Have a blessed week Alv..

  4. Yr entry tis time remind me of this song. When were in Primary school we use to sing this song, "I have decided to follow Jesus".. i guess that's what u meant and there is no turning back coz time is running out..:-)

  5. God bless.
    Keep the faith my fren :)

  6. Hi there...long time didnt drop by to your page...yes...I've just went thru my obstacles a week ago..with prayers and faith in God.. I managed to pull it thru...amazingly my prayers has been answered.

  7. Hi C.Alv.B....watch battery going 'pffffft'? Lee.

  8. Hi Clare..well I've to make a hard decision but not sure about it..btw I choose not to make any for now..hehe

    Angel..thanks xoxoxo

    Stella, sure truly indeed.

    DZ..hahahaha..you read my mind.

    Nc..thanks ya

    Ebeez..good for you. God always answered our prayers in His own way

    Uncle Lee..so funny