Saturday, September 12, 2009

I'm So Tired...

Feeling tired is one of the most common phrases in many of us especially with those who deal with timeline in work or study. Not easy to diagnose what is the real caused of tired as it could be caused by so many different ailments. Last night, I can’t sleep and my mind start thinking to find out why I feel so exhausted especially this week. Normally, I answered my mind by saying that ‘I’m tired coz I over worked ..I’m tired coz not enough time ..I’m tired coz not enough sleep and etc’. It’s just a few reasons of why I might be feeling so tired.

Maybe I bored with my routine works and daily personal life. Everyday come home from work and just collapse on couch or bed feeling tired. No desire to move on and don’t want to do anything. Feel trapped doing the same thing every day with no hope for escape. Always feel like my whole life was ‘get up, go to work, come home, go to bed then repeat again tomorrow’. Feel frustrated with what’s happening in my life.

Today is Saturday and not a working day for me. But still need to come to office to do some works.. now I’m ready to take a shower.. :(

Maybe I need to try something new… but I still feel tired to think about it.. hehheehee. And now I still very tireeeeeeeedddddddd….


  1. Hi alv..
    you take some more time and try to think other alternative to make ur life more interesting.. everyone of us have to do our own task to fullfill ourself with enough earn..

    Maybe..after sometime u'll have more time to think about it.. I believe after this u'll hv some time to discover the actual plan for you by our LORD..

    Feels tired and boring are very common among us.. Me too.. i feel the same.. but as i mentioned earlier, it's better to try find some other time to fullfill urself with what best for you..

    As for me.. even it was like 1 day, 1 hour or just 30 mins..let it be fullfilled with fun and completely no mix with my work.. i try to forget office work for temporary as far as i can.. i try to fill that particluar day, particular hour or particular minutes to do things i love..because it's my rest day or rest hour even rest minutes.. sound hard isn't?.. but, trust me..once u do tht, u'll be blessed and feel enjoy.. Yes, one more thing enjoy ur life and cherish the moment even for 1 hour rest..enjoy every moment u had.. in time of work.. u try to slip some rest time to get your life back..

    u hv a pleasant weekend Alv.. :)

  2. Hey,

    you know it is absolutely to feel what you are feeling now, infact it is very normal,so dont fret ya?

    You know i really find excecise it the best way to give us a good feeling, seriously, try it i can testify to it.

    go for a run, get yourself all sweated up, then relax and a hot shower, grab a book to read,or simply lepaking,it will do wonder,,, really

    take care now, hey really appreciate you following my blog and i will sure do likewise

  3. sia rasa si Eugene punya suggestion tu pun ngam juga, senaman buli tulung kasi kurang-kurang sikit tekanan.

    take care, happy weekend


    C.Alv.B, u can play with your photos in this web.. enjoy yrself!

  5. hey C.Alv.B, dont worry.. i m like u too, tired all the time..sometimes no mood to talk to anybody as well so i ended up playing with my photos..