Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lonely Weekend

Cloudy Saturday.. bored at home. No good movies played at Astro. I called up my friend to take a walk. Have a little breakfast then round-round town. Nothing interesting. We went to religious bookshop at Wisma Merdeka and saw an advertisement of Doulos coming down to KK.. and start today at 6.00pm!! wow... means I can have a lot books..hehehheee (ulat buku..). Too bad.. open at 6.00pm..sigh.. so, we decided to took a little drive away from town..and end up to Karambunai Resorts.. (cuci mata saja..hehehe..)

Far..far away...

One of the open restaurant in front of the swimming pool.. the food are quite expensive.. lunch cost RM150++ per pax.. including a glass of wine..phew..
Then we went to East Karambunai..Lagoon Park.. again.. cuci mata only..

Some activities at Lagoon can have one with the very moderate fee.. they count by hours. Entrance fee RM10 only..
Since it's a cloudy day..the water also look cloudy..hahhaaa.. I mean I hoping it's blue..

After sunsett mass..again.. this two single went to Doulos ship. Our intentions are only cuci mata and surveyed the price and come back tomorrow to 'invest' some money there. The price are based on unit. RM8 for 100 units. The price looked ok to me..coz you can have a lot of books such as religious, children bed time storybook and fairy tales, books by famous authors, educational, CD and etc which hardly to find at KK or Malaysia. If there is, price are expensived. But, I cannot control myself to have this book.. a cooking book. Very simple one. This what I'm looking for.. not much ingredients to prepare for one meal especially busy person like (atau kata lain...pemalas).

What you have to do is to prepare 3, 4 or 5 ingredients.. I bought it for RM32.. a lot of recipes inside.. from breakfast, lunch, dinner, cocktail, party, biscuits, juices, salad... I'll try to make one this evening.. then tonite will go back to Doulus.. Planned to buy a fairy tales and educational book for for X'mas present.. hahahhaa.. why not since you can get it cheaper right?


  1. can't wait to pigi sana Doulos , sampai 20 Sept bah juga durang kan..
    mau beli2 buku serita yg best2 kalau ada...

  2. wahhh!... u 2 prefer 2 drive a long way just to get in time for 6pm. Anyway me 2 sometimes doing carzy stuff like that. I bought 1 fitness book and a Christian Rock songs CD last time on MV Doulus. I wonder why the almost falling off road tax didn't get fixed up.. ha ha :-D

  3. wuaaa, sya pun mcm mau pg sana lagi ooo.. mcm tahun lalu lalu dia ada dtg kan.. but sempat beli bible and keychain ja ni..hihi :) ba okay till then :)

  4. Budakhutan..ya sampai 20sept..tapi jgn tunggu samapai 20sept nanti kehabisan ko..hehehe

    DZ..yup. To kill the time kan? hehehehee..yes the sticker hehehee..

    Nadia..last year tiada datang tu.. I think in Oct 2007 ka..klu tidak silap.

  5. hehehe... sana pelabuhan tu kan?

  6. Archie..ya di pelabuhan tu..sampai 20Sept ja

  7. blm pgi Doulous lagi o..hehe..harap2 dpt pgi lagi ni kali ni..:)

    enjoy ur coming weekends alv :)

  8. Oh I miss Karambunai and that long stretch of beach... wow...

  9. komen cikit nih...lamak sik gi KK..Drop by jap..hehe

  10. Nc.. bah pi lah sana nanti kehabisan hehehe

    One come back again hehee

    Krisno..ada masa nanti datang la hehehe

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  12. hehehe..nanti sia pigi sana doulos..pajsk byk byk..lepas tu jual balik..ahaks

  13. Hi C.Alv.B, beautiful place you went to 'wash eyes', ha ha.
    But that lunch price no joke! That pricey?
    You're a good photographer. Love the scenery.
    Have fun and happy reading. Lee.

  14. believe it or not, i had never step a foot on MV Doulos before..kesian kan, selalu sj termiss..but not this time..sia misti mau pigi! :)

  15. ui.. ko sendiri2 kah tu? hehe.. sian ko.. len kali bawa orang jalan2 bah.. leh kita ambi2 gambar urang.. hehe