Friday, August 7, 2009

Short Break..

Ready to go... (sorry for the blur pictures.. photo taken using hp)

I've committed my life to Christ and tried to walk by faith,
Deep within my heart, I want to be a man of God.
Yet sometimes I feel discouraged and alone,
Alone in my struggles to be a man of God.

Then God said to me:
I know what you are going through.
Why don't you play your life
to Me as your audience.
I'll give you the acceptance and love you need.

But I kept looking for results
and results have always made me afraid.

Then God said to me:
Just play your life to Me as your audience
and leave the results to Me.
Be not concerned with the crowd
But seek to please Me
Play your life to Me not the crowd.

I've compared myself to others
and tried to live like all of them
and uniformity proves to be a hurdle.

Then God said to me:
Just be yourself
for the body is not one member but many
and an eye is not an ear.
So just be yourself
and play your part consistently to Me.

I'm a Christian, I'm a man, a man with feelings,
Yet sometimes I'm afraid to own my feelings.

Then God said to me:
I've made man so be free to be human,
be free to own your feelings but do not deny Me.

I've committed my life to Christ
and with all my heart, I want to be a man of God.
Yet sometimes I've found myself anxious and restless inside.

Then God said to me:
Anxiety and restlessness are not signs
of the non-Christian life
for in the world you shall have tribulations.
But they may be signs
indicating that something is out of balance,
stop and look.
They are signs
pointing you back towards Me.

They shall produce patience
and patience develops character
and character begets hope.

But I've found it uneasy to be restless or discouraged!
How do I get out of this pit?

Then God said to me:
Come unto Me all ye that labour
and are heavy laden
and I'll give you rest.

And for that.. I’m leaving tomorrow… to the place I never been before.. to experience His love in everywhere… to take a rest from my sorrow, to take a breath from my worldly possessions, to leave everything that make me sick.. (for a while.. hehehe)


  1. ko p mana tu mandak? ikut!!!! hehe..

  2. Hi C.Alv.B, I noticed you can write bahasa very well at Honeybuzz place.
    Wish I can too.
    Hope you will enjoy going to find your own enlightenment thru being with HIM.
    I wish you well, best regards, Lee.

  3. Have a nice holiday. And when u find peace, do post about it. :-)

  4. hey, i always like this verse from the bible, besides many other nice verses,,,,,

    "Thou shall not only walk by sight only, but also by faith"

    take care now and luv ya,,appreciaate you being my friend

  5. hey so sorry for pop-up from nowhere :)
    greetings from jakarta indonesia.. just drop by to say...

    have a wonderfull weekend :)