Saturday, August 15, 2009

08.08.2009 (1st day)

08.08.2009? hahahaa.. sound funny. This is my 1st year anniversarry of blogging.. hehheee. What's more? oh ya.. I've mentioned in my previous post that I'm going to 'short break' vacation. Yes.. I went to North Sumatera, Medan with a group of 40 peoples. Nothing much happen in a 1st day. Let the pic's tell the story.

Medan is a nice medium sized city. Top of the list as safest city to visit in Indonesia. Nothing much to see in the city, except and old mosque and a palace with some history behind it. City is clean by "indonesian standards". You wont see many tourists around, mostly passing through to Lake Toba. And I'll post about Lake Toba in my next post.

The city is Indonesia's third most populous after Jakarta and Surabaya, with approximately 2.5 million people. The city has a mix of communities, reflecting its history. It is famous throughout Indonesia as the home of the Batak people. More recently more and more of the Batak ethnic minority have come to the city to make what was once a minority become a fairly sized community. However, Batak homelands are found throughout North Sumatra. In Medan, there is few ethnics of Batak such as Batak Simalungun, Batak Karo, Batak Maindaling, Batak Pak-Pak, Batak Angkola, Batak Toba and etc.. I cant recall.There are many old buildings in Medan that still retain their Dutch architecture. I will post the pic's in my next post.. too much to choose

(pictures taken from tour

Becak Medan (Trishaw) is ones of the transportation means in medan. Some becaks are pedaled, while others are machine propellers. There are also more common transport like taxis and minibuses, known as 'Angkot' (Angkutan Kota)

One of the famous hotel in the city after Polonia Hotel. Asean International Hotel is our 1st stay. Located at town area and very closed to the food shops and night market.

Our Tourist Guide at the front counter.. Dove Tours

Some souvenir shop at the hotel. Medan famous with Batik Halus and other handicraft.

Hahahhahaa... my 1st bed to stay at Medan.. sharing with my friend

HORAS!!!! means terima kasih, selamat datang and others welcome greetings.. will come back later in my next post for the 2nd till 5th day of tour..


  1. Happy belated 1st year anniversary for your blog! :D

  2. firstly, Happy Belated Birthday wishes to C.Alv....
    wish u will look young and sweet always...

    2ndly, its been a long while since i been to medan.. must hv changed a lot since then..

  3. woah... jalan jalan makan angin tu... have A gReat and awesome Holiday there...

  4. uiseh... heheheh happy belated 1st annversary to you blog. hehehehehe ^_^ thx ya

  5. happy anniversary C.Alv, you starte blogging earlier than myself. Lets continue writing & express ourselves.

    ohh and nice trip to Medan!


  6. hey,good morning........tell you a secret, my grandma was from Medan,she was malay Medanese, my datuk came from China, kahwin dia, then at the at of 17,my father came from Medan to Penang, and the rest is history.........

    guess i should go to Medan to check out my roots,, Kunta Kinte
    take care now my friend,,, hope to hear from you,,,,

  7. Calvb> I'm sure your holiday trip to Medan was amazing.. I've never been to Sumatera. The only part of Indonesia that i've went to was Entikong, Kalimantan barat. It's just next to Tebedu hu hu hu...

  8. Happy Blog Anniversary Alv...

    Uiksss, mcm sama trip sama mum and aunties sa ja ni... hmmmm...

  9. Hi C.Alv.B, noticed your changed your profile pic and blog header pic. Very nice.
    Love your Sumatra pictures....
    One place I hope to visit one day, hopefully.
    Bet the food there was fantastic, huh?
    You have a nice day, Lee.

  10. Leon.. thanks a lot..

    Claire..hi thanks ya..emm.. Medan are in development progress

    Budakhutan..ya sa jln makan angin sampai perut pun kembung sudah ni hehehe

    Chi..thanks and welcome hehee

    Floyd..yup lets keep blogging..hehhe

    Eugene..yup I agree with you. You should come to Medan and look for your family root..might be interesting.. can visit Medan this coming November..if you like too. I can introduce you with the group..

    Mandy..memang pun sa sama mem ko..

    Uncle Le.. yes the trip was nice..the food? too spicy for me.. hehehe..but love their traditional cake..Bika Ambon..cooked with honey

  11. hehehe, balik kk ka sudah ko ni? ada bawa sia punya nasi medan ? hikhikhik

  12. nice pics...can't wait for the rest...I have only been to Pontianak...hope to go to Jakarta one day..but before that, need to go KK first...LOL...