Tuesday, May 19, 2009


This is the price I've to pay after my holidays...huhuuuuhuuuu....

Not enough energy...alwyas feel tired..no mood for everything...gosh..!!

And time pass so slow...weekend I need you...


  1. haha...cute pictures... exhausted? in another 3 more days... weekend will be here... just 72 hours away....

  2. Hi, ha ha...we have not gone for holidays since 2002 when we returned to Singapore, KL and Penang. Too long, 26 hours, and then suffer three days jetlag.
    We enjoy lazing around the house weekends, holidays...wife cooks good dishes, go walkabouts to Malls, have afternoon naps, listen to cd music or watch cd movies.

    No hassles, customs, immigration headaches, ha ha. Lee.

  3. Wow! Tired eh? Take a rest for a while will yeah?

  4. Come on..get up.. Holiday is fun! whenever im away for holiday, i'll be energetic, fantastic, spastic and tic tac.. ha ha! Im gonna hike Mt. Santubong in June! wana join??