Friday, February 6, 2009

Listen To Your Heart offend. For this week only, I heard and keep listen a topic about ‘love boundaries’. I wonder..why? maybe because it is February ka? Hehehhee… when having lunch with friend this afternoon, suddenly this topic come out. They talked about their friends and family problems. Yesterday night when I was in church..the ladies sitting at my back also talking about this…yesterday morning when I’m in a Post Office.. the young lady with her friend also talking about this forbidden love..I overheard la actually… hehehhehee…. ‘forbidden love’ huh? Well…

It is about "forbidden" love, like two people who truly deeply love each other, but can't always be together of the stupid restrictions imposed on them by society, family, religion, culture, age gap and etc. Some people said always Listen To Your Heart and realize that true love is the most important thing, and that it transcends everything, all those meaningless boundaries that people draw and restrictions societies impose don't have any meaning and don't matter. Love knows no boundaries.

To me the term of listen to your heart is like listening to the concience that God has show us His loves through the very deep of our heart. "Listen to your heart and it will never lead you wrong". It’s tough to actually listen and understand what our heart is saying because its not always something we WANT to hear but it is definitely something that more people SHOULD be hearing….not easy to accept right?

Hopefully they will know what they should do.. and to let God make a way in whatever decision they should take…


  1. Thats true... i have so many friends yg ada 'forbidden love' huh.. napa la org x mo support to 'love'.. yes, just trust the voice within .... :) heart is where God lives .. and love is in our heart.. :) happy weekend there alv... wawa lama sda ko nda pg melawat sya ah.. :) hihi

  2. saya juga setuju bah dgn kamu punya comment on so-called "forbidden love?" i mean what's wrong with that rite? as long as the couple loves each other, nothing else matters...?

  3. sometimes listening alone to your heart will lead you to something unfavorable... bahaya juga tu..

    btw, bila valentine day? 14hb ka tu

  4. ♫♫I dont know where you going and I dont know why...♫♫♫ What ever it is Let Him guide your way.. God Bless :)

  5. Nadia,
    Yes put God first kan...siou sya sibuk lately..anyway sia tatap pi baca post ko heheh

    Hi thanx for dropping a comment..I went to yopur log tapi tak bole access la..napa tu? 'forbidden love' susah juga mau God first and everything will be in place.

    Betul tu..listen to your heart its all about what we want to hear bah..memang ada bahaya juga. Kunun2nya valentine day 14 Feb la kunun..entah la..

    Yes..Let God guide us..

  6. this song, remind me about something... mcm kata2 nasihat jg when kita tidak tahu apa mau buat-so, just listen to our heart lor..hehe

  7. As you get older, you will be glad there are things in life you did not listen to your heart. :)

    Of cos sometime you need to exercise your own logic and judgment too. Sometimes are just wrong.

  8. yup agreed. Listen to your heart. But at the same time, maybe we should consult our brain too. Hahaha who knows our brain can help us to rationalize our hearts...Hmmm...betul ke apa aku cakap ni? Hehhe

  9. well..i refused many jobs offer include the one from the UK just because i want to be the one i love. I know its a little bit stupid but what to has been done. I hate love actually because my weakness point is LOVE. Huhuhu...

  10. Ya... i am listening too!! :)

  11. Andrik , i love you !!!! hahahaha!!!

  12. Kong,
    Yup..I know you listening hehehee

    Ms. Rhythm,
    True..this topic remind everybody for something hehehe

    I think I agree with you this one..

    I think you right la..rationalize every decision that we decide before we take action..hehehe..betul la tu..

    LOVE is not your weakness point is you strength just dont realize it. Aik betul ke aku cakap ni?..hehe

    I know you listening..hehehhe..full of love aahh..nah Andrik..hehehe

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