Monday, February 23, 2009

An Evening Thought..

Just before I left my office this evening... suddenly this thought come.. maybe I too tired or stress or whatsoever...

Day by day struggle with life, with cares and worries overwhelmed. Why is this so hard? Why do I get so discouraged?What is this disappointment I feel?How do I find peace during strife?

What is life, that I must live it?What is a day, that I must endure it?What is an hour, that I must spend it?

What is death, that I should grieve it?What is pain, that I should feel it?What is pleasure, that I should seek it?

Help me, Oh Lord to seek Your mercy,Help me, Oh Lord to seek Your grace;Help me, Oh Lord to seek Your glory.

Help me, Oh Lord to surrender all to You!


  1. Hi Alv...I too felt the same. It's just that I'm much much better now comparing few weeks ago. Hey, Alv, try read the book of Esther-Bible. I felt relief after reading the comforting story of that great queen!
    Try it! You won't regret.

  2. Pray. He'll be there to answer your thoughts.

  3. ya alv, agree wif you.. nasib ada jg kawan yg terasa mcm tu kan.. btw, ya we shud pray harder :) and He will listen to us :)

  4. Seek and you will find...

    Trust God always..

  5. Alv, What I am going to post is a "personal" impression I felt when I read your post today.

    What you are going thru is something familiar to everyone somewhere in life. Below is what I learned.

    Surrender to the Lord is one thing, but we who are given ownership of our life should be responsible of our own life.We should not over burden that what happen in life and think it has to do with something we do or did not do with our past. Life is too worry and the "if-we-do-not-have-that-we-are-not-happy" attitude.

    As long as we are alive, we can choose how we want to change our life. Change is not easy and it a continual process.

    There are benefits of praying and waiting but the unpleasant feeling you are feeling is telling we are hungry. So how do we satisfy our hunger? Go out and get that something? Go on a conquest for our promise land? Ya be a go-getter.

    Everything is a choice, even we do not want to choose is a choice we had taken too.

    Okay that enough from me. :P

  6. well,it is ok to be stressed out sometimes because it is the indication how far we can go, and to know to slow down sometimes as well.

    go for some exercise,it helps, i know for sure

  7. pray to Him and He will answer, request from Him and He will give

  8. bah ngam lah kamu pi retreat..lepaskan semua bebanan...

  9. Honey..u mean the book of Esther? ok I will. Thanx Honey

    Willie..yes, I prayed everyday..asking for an answer

    Nadia..pray harder and do more! hehehe


  10. Leon..wah, good sharing..and thanx for it. Total surrender and do something..

    Eugene..exercise? hehehehe..ya I should try it..who knows

    Andrik..thanx ya

    Huguan..ya memang betul tu. Go for some retreat kan..

  11. are u there?this is the first time i am here..hope u dont mind...:) i have a lot to share about yr evening thought, but very difficult to put in words...maybe one of this day ..we can meet for a drink..whatever it is..Life is and everything will be ok...:)

  12. amitabha... u need a peace of mind i think... amitabha...