Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Dia Mengerti..

I'm chatting with one of my good friend today..talking about healing and seeking for answers for something that we are not understand in our life. Why? where? how? who? convincing answers. We planned to go to RPK in a month time..maybe we can get the answers there..maybe not..whatever it is, we still believe there is purposes for everything. 

And for that..I remembered this song..believe in Him

Terkadang kita merasa 
Tak ada jalan terbuka
Tak ada lagi waktu
Terlambat sudah

Tuhan tak pernah berdusta
Dia s’lalu pegang janji-Nya
Bagi orang percaya
Mujizat nyata

Dia mengerti, Dia peduli
Persoalan yang sedang terjadi
Dia mengerti, Dia peduli
Persoalan yang kita alami

Namun satu yang Dia minta
Agar kita percaya
Sampai mujizat menjadi nyata
Tuhan mengerti

Enjoy the song..God Bless U All


  1. wah nice song ooo... syapun dgr jg lagu2 mcm wow worship, hillsongs n gmb bila stress ni.. but bila fikir2.. bgs leave it all to God ja.. hihi... :)

  2. That's the spirit dear. When we think no one understands, He does. When we think no one hears or listens, He does. :-) I'm kinda going thru some spiritual healing myself. All the best for your New Year. Let's move on together...

  3. this song makes me cry each time I heard it.

  4. wow.this song really touching..makes you think..anyway..thanks for sharing...time for all of to move on..God Bless :)

  5. x pernah sebenarnya dengar nie lagu..mau cari lah..n mau dengar..mau menghayati..

    ok..all the best in seraching whatever you're searching..alrite..


  6. There is always a purpose in life :D

    Thanks for dropping by my blog.

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