Friday, January 2, 2009

To Be Saved And Live Again!!

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I know some of my friends out there had set this resolution this year.. wanted to be ‘live’ again and had power to overcome their weaknesses. For that I believed that we need to understand and dig out more what really make us living in such situations. Me? Of course I want to ‘live’ again. This is one of my goal this year.

I want to be happy, want to be better, be really good, be able to help others, understand myself, understand life and others, be able to have or do what I wanted. I needed to have more control, be more kind, have the good knowledge to be able to use my power at the good place to do good. I want to be free. I want to put my life in the good way, understand and be free of my sadness and my suffering. I want to have the capacity to be able to repair the bad things I have done to other. I want to understand why I have problems, why I revolt, where I come from and where I go, how to change things, how to change myself; I want to be able to use the power of my mental which I rarely use it, want to understand what's going on. Understand from where are all this rages  comes from, understand my emotions, understand how to stand, understand and understand again and always more, find lot of answers to lot of question.

I wasn't able to be happy a years because been hurting too often or I was hurting me myself.  I was asking myself 100 times if I'm good or bad. I have found myself bad 100 times, I was in despair. I had no solution and no true help (or maybe I’m the one who rejected the ‘helps’?)

I’ve been asked this question by one of my philosophy friend…what is important to you the journey of life or the destiny? Well.. I don’t know your answer guys.. you tell me.. hehehehe. But… what I’ve learned for years.. the journey is far greater than the destiny. 


  1. great.. seems like u figured out which is best for ya.. :)

  2. I like your resolutions. Pursue them okay?

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  4. "journey without destiny is aimless, destiny without journey is dull.."
    william sarkispear..hehe..

    Ps: komen yang satu terdouble, sya p delete.

  5. william sakispear..?? ekekke..

  6. All the best in achieving all these Ms No One. Take it easy, take it slow, and take a lot of determination, you can do it. *HUG*

  7. As long as it is day, work it with all your might, for night is coming when no one can work. :)

  8. Beck..I hope I understand

    Willie..I'll do it..

    Guong..betul tu journey and destiny is come together..but we can earn a lot of experiences through journey..journey is only the results..

    Huguan..itu William Sakispear tu sama ka dgn si Shakespeare? hehehhe

    Ms One Other..thanks for the support

    Leon..yup ur are right..hehehe