Monday, February 27, 2012

My Half Year of 2012

Yipeee... I would like to say that this is my year of vacation. For the last two years, I've been dealing with work and studies and I think this is the time to reward

Since I know January is a busy month, I've planned my vacation to start in February. Sigh... I only managed to take a days off in late February. So, I've decided to spend my time at resort and beach with my closest friends..N.G.U.N.S group (will blog about it.. surely you'll want to know what's N.G.U.N.S stand for..hehehehe) to the Tip of Borneo. Cant wait for it.

So for March I'll balance it with retreats (since this is a lent season) and trip to overseas..Vietnam...yihaaaa... at least my passport would not be empty for so

April.. more spiritual events and I did not decide to go for any trips. But, unfortunately, I've to re-planned it. Need to go to Kuala Lumpur for convocation ( hardwork paid off!!!) and why not planned for short trip right? hehehe..

Bandung or Jakarta will be place to visit in May but I'm not decide yet. I might change it to Plan B (wink..)...finger crossed!! and yes spiritual events will comes first.

Philipines trip are in my June vacation list.. ok this is time for shopping.. promised to myself 'no more shopping within this six months'...hehehehe...

For this lent season, let us reflect what our Saviour has done for us since He loves us so much. Thank you Lord for all the blessing that come my way. Thank you for this wonderful life...

Happy lent to everybody...


  1. Happy lent season, Alv0808! ;D

    Wow it seems you had a good time at resorts... cool.

    Happy Tuesday yo!

  2. Wenn... yeah it's great. Thank you

  3. Arms,

    happy lent to you too. Yes..I'm gonna have a good time at beach & resorts. Hopefully..

  4. wow..bnyk tempat ko plan mau pigi.
    Btw, yg pigi vietnam tu, my MIL and FIL pun pigi vietnam around 12-16 march gitu.. pilgrimage punya tour..

  5. Stella,

    Saya pigi yang 26 March-30 March by tour also but for this not pilgrimage la.. hehehe. Tapi memang akan melawai itu area croshill sana

  6. Woot woot! let when u go to philippines? I will be there on april! Good Friday !

  7. Hi Alv, how you doin'? I enjoyed looking thru the nice pics here.
    You just go have fun, and remember, we are young only once.
    Keep a song in your heart.

  8. Very beautiful place... I wish I can go too.

  9. It's very good resort with beautiful panorama. :)

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